Galileo Support for Forerunner 645 – Belatedly

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Belated news from me. Garmin released GALILEO for the Forerunner 645 a couple of weeks ago (via Luis Pinto)

Everyone happy with Galileo on the 645?

I suspect it might yield similar results to the 935 and F5

Firmware Info:

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8 thoughts on “Galileo Support for Forerunner 645 – Belatedly

  1. I’ve turned it on but if I’m honest I don’t really pay that much attention to the tracks after a run. Looking at a 10k event from last w/end it does look pretty much spot on when I view the track with the satellite view. Of course I can’t say if this is better/worse than before!

  2. Most reviews suggest that adding Galileo does not seem to give any real world improvements in GPS accuracy so far. Why then have Garmin invested money in developing the capability? Is it a marketing ploy, or do they expect an improvement when the commissioning of the Galileo system is complete in 2020?

    Are the current GPS chips capable of dual channel reception? Or do we have to wait for the next generation of hardware? If so this then will be Garmin’s next money spinner.

    1. yes my tests of galileo show what you say. in fact i would say galileo is currently worse much of the time
      i think it is part marketing ploy and part bedding in the tech for when galileo properly goes on line.

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