new MOTIV Ring – Major Firmware Update & Colours

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The MOTIV Ring, which I am about to add to the review list, has just announced a major new firmware upgrade in addition to some new colours.

MOTIV Ring vs OTHER Ring – These are the two main activity/sleep trackers that come in a ring format. Both do what they set out to well. However they both face a race towards future tech goodness and possible competition from big players like Apple and Samsung. We are clearly seeing NOW in 2018 that watches are starting to be able to do a lot of what was previously only in the domain of the smartphone – eg playing music and…errr…making/taking calls! If you think about it the ring format is the PERFECT format for 24×7 activity/sleep tracking AND the perfect format for contactless payments.

Back to the present…

New MOTIV Ring Colours

The new ring colours are rose gold, silver and black AND MORE SCRATCH RESISTANT than before – handy for a ring that majors on ACTIVITY tracking and similar to those found on the OTHER Ring.


New Security Features

Source: globalnewswire

The MOTIV Ring supports token-based authentication.


Token authentication allows for a dual layer of protection for the accounts that matter most.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA): Your Motiv Ring will now act as a secondary layer of security protection to guard against other people accessing your supported online accounts (i.e. accounts that support online security services such as Google Authenticator). Because wearers already have their ring on, this is a simple, “always on” way to protect identity and accounts. With a simple gesture when logging into online accounts, wearing the ring will make increased online security an easy part of users’ daily routines. Motiv’s 2FA features are available today for iOS users, and for Android users as an Open Beta.


Password-free Logins (FIDO2 + WebAuthn): Soon, Motiv users will be able to experience password-free logins with any supporting website in major browsers such as Google Chrome and Windows Edge, with just a single gesture. Motiv supports FIDO2 and WebAuthn authentication standards as a major step towards easy, universal online security. The result will be a simpler, stronger authentication, nearly everywhere.

Motiv Ring has officially been named FIDO Certified™ by the FIDO Alliance – among the first FIDO2-certified devices – and is interoperable among other products and services that support FIDO specifications.

Biometric Identification offers enhanced security

WalkID: Motiv’s new, optional, proprietary biometric offering, available now in Open Beta, will enable secure access to a user’s online accounts via gait analysis. Through continuous, passive biometric authentication, Motiv Ring will use one’s unique style of walk (gait), which is a distinguishable identifier much like one’s fingerprint, to more accurately verify identity.


Fingerprint Identity + Facial Recognition: Motiv Ring users will soon be able to activate other forms of biometric identification for added protection. These measures, such as in-app verification, fingerprint identity and facial recognition, will work as an added layer of security through one’s phone.


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