Polar Vantage Shipping NOW – USA

Some units were sent TODAY to PowerMeterCity in the USA from Polar, and the rest should be sent tomorrow for despatch in October. Those of you who ordered with the discount code THE5KRUNNER10 will get yours shipped first.

I’ll update this with the situation in the UK when I get the info.

There’s plenty more info at the following link if you need it and if you want to get one…click the image further below. FWIW: I like it.

MOREย  INFO: You can find all related posts listed in this tag as I add them https://the5krunner.com/tag/PolarVantage.


Price, Availability & Discount

The Polar Vantage M retails at $260/GBP250/Eur280,

The Polar Vantage V retails at $499/GBP439/Eur499

The Polar Vantage now has general availability. There do not seem to be widespread discount yet in the EU. I’ve included the Amazon international link below but you will find a better deal at New Running Gear and Power Meter City. New Running Gear (NRG), below, were also bundling in GBP50 of running freebies. Help support this blog with the great deals below:

Polar Vantage 10 % off discount coupon promotion code

Click http://geni.us/PolarVantage to buy in UK/Eu/USA

Best Amazon/REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices could fall below existing level from 2019 onwards ยฃ249/$259/Eu279. Buying from my partners supports this site.

Best Amazon/REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices could fall below existing level from 2019 onwards ยฃ439/$499/Eu499. Buying from my partners supports this site.


I’ve used them too much (some duplicates shown from V&M…some workouts not shown in daily summary as too many on one day)

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I saw GPS test results of Beta Vatage V in your Test Results dropbox file and at 58% it looks pretty bad…


Hi! I have two questions about the watch (I think I’m getting the M, but I guess for the OHR and the GPS the results are going to be quite similar).

1) How’s the OHR when swimming? The OH1 works great (for me at least) but I’m not sure about an OHR on the wrist…

2) Has the GPS accuracy improved since you got the unit? I’ve read (also in the DC website) that it is not that good (being polite).

Thanks in advance!


What itโ€™s coming down to for me right now is whether I will move from swim bike run as separate cross training activities to the realm of actual triathlon training and racing. If I do, my AW4 which performs very well with Stryd for the run, and very well in pool (based on lap distance OHR), will become my secondary device. I am curious if youโ€™ve had any dropouts on the M or V with your Stryd foot pod?