2018 : No Garmin Forerunner 945 – My 2019 Tri Watch will be ………

A little bird has told me that there will be no more Garmin sports watch announcements in 2018. The next will be at or before CES 2019.

This slightly blows my theory that we would be due a spoiler Garmin Tri watch for the Polar Vantage Launch (shipping now), with that spoiler being a Forerunner 945. When I say ‘slightly blows’ I mean ‘I was totally wrong’. Anyway, it was/is a good theory. And, who knows, maybe the ‘source’ was wrong and we shall see something next week?

On a more positive note this means that those of you who have been saving up for a new tri watch should NOW be able to get good deal on any of the good Suuntos as well as the Garmin 935 and 920XT on Black Friday. Or maybe the Vantage V/M will tempt you?

The Polar Vantage V / M review from me is a couple of weeks away. *I AM* planning to use the Vantage in 2019 BUT will be doing that in conjunction with a H10, STRYD, and an ELEMNT. I use a HRM-TRI and STRYD with the 935 don’t forget.

Q: What might change my 2019 Vantage Plan? Something special in a tri-kinda-way from ‘another manufacturer’ might tempt me. But I would be tempted by a stupidly expensive, all-the-tech 945 (aka plastic Fenix 5S Plus)

I’m not really a contactless payment person but I’ve been using the OuTHER Ring a lot recently and that’s just crying out for contactless. So much so that I’ve imagined all the times that I can use contactless….and there are quite a few. So I might as well just go and do it properly if I buy a new tri watch.

Garmin Fenix 5S Plus Review
Garmin Fenix 5S Plus


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7 thoughts on “2018 : No Garmin Forerunner 945 – My 2019 Tri Watch will be ………

  1. Will you be reviewing the vantage m and v separely or will you be reviewing only one as a surrogate for both? I’d be curioys in knowing if GPS performance will differ between the two.

      1. Good to know. Looking forward to your reviews. Curious to see if instantaneous pace will be good enough for the V to do power accurately.

      2. i’ve already posted quite a lot of comparative power tracks to garmin runscribe and stryd…they are all different so cant say if polar’s power is accurate or not. but you raise a key point about pace

  2. No 945? I am shocked! No, wait, what’s the opposite of shocked…oh yes…I’ve been a doubter all along 🙂 If it does happen I’ll be more surprised than if it doesn’t. As with the 920XT I’m expecting the next update alongside Fenix 6 (or whatever they call it).

    1. *I’m* a little surprised. I know not to read much into it, but (as I posted elsewhere) a Garmin rep at Best Buy told me a week or so ago that the 945 would be released between Nov. 1 and 15, right in time for the holidays. When I asked him about it initially, he responded without hesitation, so it didn’t seem like he was making it up. But that’s also a grunt on the ground. Who knows what real information he had/was getting.

      1. I don’t even think Garmin has reps for Best Buy. My bet is they’re contracted out and told to wear a Garmin shirt, much like some running expos/events (I could be totally wrong about Best Buy though). Either way, there’s never been a FR935 replacement in the cards for this year. The game of telephone is often long and incorrect.

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