new Oura Ring vs Fitbit vs Motiv Ring

Fitbit Ionic Review

Fitbit Ionic

Quite a few of you are asking which is the best tracker for you, is it the new Oura Ring, the Motiv Ring or perhaps a Fitbit is a better option? The best tracker would cover MANY options but as you search involved smart rings, this post is geared towards high-level comparisons of Fitbit watches with the two major smart rings – Motiv and Oura.

Each of those 3 broad options will be able to give you a 24×7 view on your activity and are good in their own respects.

Elsewhere, this blog delves into the details of sports and activity tech A LOT – however, if you are considering Oura vs Motiv vs Fitbit then it’s perhaps best you forget the tech for a minute and think about how your purchase will fit in with your normal life.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I do sport and want to track sport in some detail?
  2. Do I want to wear a device 24×7 and would I wear a watch or a band in bed?
  3. Do I want to delve into the details of my data or just receive some simple daily guidance?

new Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring

Not interested in Sleep?

One of Oura’s strengths is its awesomeness at sleep insights and ease of wear at night. So if you don’t want any sleep info then you won’t get many of Oura’s benefits.

You want a daytime tracker, right? The more expensive the Fitbit you buy for this then the more data, insight and…errr.. app complexity you will get. If you want to keep that side of things simple then Motiv is a great choice.

If you want ‘steps’ and ‘flights of stairs’ type information and ‘more detailed sports tracking’ then Fitbit or Apple is the way to go.

Garmin Vivoactive, Fitbit Ionic, Apple Watch

At the extreme end of the spectrum, where you might consider yourself an athlete, then Garmin, Polar, Suunto and Apple are the ones you will look at.

Interested in Sleep?

Everyone claims to do sleep. I strongly suspect that most companies are just guessing at your minutes of DEEP SLEEP and other sleep stage info. In my opinion, the Oura Ring and EMFIT are two great sleep products for those of you who want to look at sleep more seriously and those products might be able to help if there is some sort of condition that you want to keep a closer eye on.

The most important call you can make is to think how many of the last 7 nights you wore your regular watch or band. If the answer is ‘none’, then you may well find it annoying to wear a watch or band every night (I’m one of those people). But many of you will be happy to wear a ring…you already do, right?

If you do wear a watch, then a smartwatch or sports watch (Fitbit, Garmin, etc) may well give you an apparently better insight into the machinations of your nightly sleep.

One Night’s Sleep: Oura vs EMFIT vs Garmin vs Vantage

But further consider if that sports watch will be fine to wear at work. The world of work is generally casual these days and most watches will be fine. But not everywhere. Again, just like with sleep, you would be able to wear a Motiv or Oura ring at work.

Interested in Deep Activity Insights?


Firbit Versa review sports fitness watch

Fitbit Versa – yep. It is !

Fitbit and the other activity watch platforms have more in-depth apps and cloud platforms than Oura and Motiv. Sometimes those platforms can be a little too complex and Oura strikes a great blend of simplicity and easy access to key lifestyle metrics.


If you want more deeper insights into your athletic sports performances then Garmin, Suunto, Polar and Co are always going to be the ones to go for.


Clearly, a ring is a super-practical solution to activity tracking for most people. You will not get the insights in SPORTS with either Motiv or Oura, although Motiv is a little more sporty-focussed than Oura. The sporting insights from Polar Flow or Garmin Connect are on a whole different level.

Fibit Versa, Suunto 3 Fitness, Garmin 645 Music

Fibit Versa, Suunto 3 Fitness, Garmin 645 Music

Some Answers

I asked you these paraphrased questions. here they are again with the answers:

  1. For sports tracking – go for Garmin, Polar, Apple or Suunto
  2. For a 24×7 holistic solution – go for Oura, or if you like watches then the previous 4 are good too.
  3. For deeper insights – got for Oura for deep sleep insights or the sports watches for, perhaps, less accurate insights
Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring Review

Oura in silver, Motiv in Black

My Solution

Of course, you can combine the options.

For example; as a more serious athlete, I would class myself as one, then I’m only ever going to use a sports watch for sports. BUT I am quite happy and willing to also wear a ring 24×7, especially to get insights into my sleep and to see how I am recovering from my exercise – I would go for Oura there every time. The major downside is that my sleep data and sports data are in two different places – I can live with that.

Price, Availability and Discounts

Neither ring is available on Amazon or eBay and can only be bought directly from each manufacturer. You should be able to get a discount on either ring below. Fitbits can be bought pretty much anywhere. If you want to help this blog then the links below should click you through to the lowest price on your local Amazon store. Thank you.

the new Oura Ring starts at $300 and the Motiv ring is $200

You can get a $50 discount using the promo code the5krunner10 here at checkout on (link

As at 4 Sep 2018 there is $20 off the Motiv Ring at (link to: there always seems to be $20 off each additional ring if you order >2


Best Amazon price is linked to. Prices are $290/£239/Eur249 and should fall slightly from 2018 onwards. Buying from Amazon supports this site

Best Amazon price is linked to. Prices are $200/£239/Eur270 and should fall slightly from Summer 2018 onwards. Buying from Amazon supports this site

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Hey, thanks for the reviews! Here’s my question..if someone doesn’t care about having a watch on their wrist 24/7 then what would be the best sleep tracker/ heart rate variability tracker out of them all? I feel as if this ring thing is not what I am after as I can’t bear wearing rings! If, however, these Oura or the Motiv rings are ‘the best at what they measure’ then I would suck it up and get one…