Anthocyanins – Effects Depend on Muscle FibreType

curranzSimplistically, some berries and beets when taken in relatively large and concentrated dosages seem to make me faster.

There are various claims including those relating to notably increased fat oxidation in endurance exercise and improved recovery times.

Here are some more recent findings for those of you who might be interested.

Study 1

Latest Study: link here


  • Individuals with Type 1 fibres had an increased resistance to fatigue
  • Individuals with Type 2 fibres produced 15% greater force during the initial stages of the 16-set contractions

These results followed a pre-loading strategy of 2x Curranz tablets (600mg) per day for a week.

To view the poster presentation, here

Study 2

Latest Study: link here


  • Increases fat oxidation in women of 27%


Here is a link to my review of Curranz (contains Anthocyanins), it should have an up-to-date discount code as well. I occasionally get free samples of Curranz which I use for my own sport. I don’t get paid in any way by this company.

CURRANZ Review – Blackcurrant Performance Enhancement

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