2019 POLL: What tech are you most waiting for? Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Favero

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Garmin Fenix 4 Concept Source: Sylvain Gerber: http://goo.gl/DztAhw
Garmin Fenix 4 Concept Source: Sylvain Gerber: http://goo.gl/DztAhw

This seemed like a good time to ask you guys/girls some quesitons on what pieces of tech you are most looking forward to next year. IE for tech that’s not yet been properly released.

As far as 2018 goes we know what all the products are and can buy them. Some newish areas like drag meters (CdA from AeroPod & co) and new SnapDragon processors on WearOS may have slipped somewhat under your radar but you probably still have a few hundred dollars/pounds/euros squirreled away for that ‘something special’ for yourself next year. Let’s face it – you deserve it. Probably.

Apart from the obvious elephant-in-the-room, the thing that I’d most like to see/have is the AeroPod but that’s mainly because I have already bought all the tech that I NEED FOR ME a long time ago. (OK I know you can buy one already, but only just)

Here we go. Have your votes (3 max in any week per person), see the results and suggest ones that I’ve missed

NB: These polls eventualy get several hundred votes, so come back to see what everyone else thinks

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An affordable and consistent/accurate bike power meter for 2019 would be nice.