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Attention all Samsung Watch Owners

I came across this super-interesting 3rd party app last week which enables STRYD and other sports sensors to be supported on Samsung Tizen. So that means you could get STRYD to work on a Gear S2/S3/Sport, Galaxy Watch as well as Gear Fit2/Fit2 Pro.

Here are a few screenshots and then I’ll cover some of the interesting stuff (well, I think it’s interesting)

This is all designed and built by Stefan at and he’s building the app with some support from STRYD (review link) but the app isn’t just for STRYD as it supports a lot of other BLE sensors as well. In fact all of these

BLE DeviceSupported
Gear S2Gear S3
Gear Sport
Galaxy Watch
Gear Fit2
Gear Fit2 Pro
Stryd Sensor SPM, PowerTBCokok
Wahoo Tickr HR, SPMokokok
Suunto Smart Sensor HRokokok
Wahoo Cadence RPMokokok
Polar H7 HRokokok
Polar H10 HRTBCokok
SunDING HRokokok
Runtastic HRokokok
Jabra Sport Pulse HRokokok
Bose Soundsport Pulse HRTBCokTBC
Wahoo Tickr Fit HRTBCokTBC
Scosche Rhythm+ Armband HRTBC okTBC
Milestone Pod SPMTBC okok


In fact, it’s not technically even an ‘app’ as such. Samsung says that it is *not* possible to support any of the above with apps. So Stefan has cleverly built this as a WATCH FACE. And, as it is a watch face, it also works on the small-screened Gear Fit2/Fit2 Pro.

As it’s a watch face it must be very limited in what it can do right? Err…have a look at this.


Also, looking at the STRYD data from STRYD’s pod, the app does more than merely support ‘power’ it supports the additional metrics such as LSS too.


Take Out

This is unique in oh so many ways and I’ve not even mentioned the links to 3rd party data sites like Training Peaks (ah, I just did). The bottom line is that this app, plus some decent external sensors, could transform your existing Samsung sports watch into a powerful and accurate sports watch. Even the relatively lowly Gear Fit2 could get super-accurate HR from a Wahoo TICKR-X and super-accurate pace from the STRYD, bypassing Samsung’s (probably) passable quality internal sensors. You can even get to train with running with power if you get a STRYD as your running sensor OR you could use some Jabra Sport Pulse headphone to provide HR and listen to music as you run (check precise compatibility, looks possible).

Disclaimer: I’ve not tested this myself and I have no relationship with the developer but we have exchanged emails and I have his permission to show his images (above).

Here are the links to the app, although please note they will do strange things if you do not have a Samsung and a probably more specifically you might need a recent Samsung Watch to get to the SAMSUNG GALAXY APPS store (you won’t find the app on Google Play Store)


Source: ‘Sporty Watch’

So it seems now that watch app developers are starting to do cool stuff on lots of platforms


Apple Watch + STRYD :: First Run and APPLE WATCH Accuracy




ALTERNATIVES: Some other running systems claim to produce power.

I partner directly with STRYD in the USA and their distributor New Running Gear in the EU. The images below take you through to whatever current deal on STRYD there is at any given time in the USA/Canada. Thank you!

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  1. This is awesome. Thanks for the heads up. I have a Samsung Gear S3 and just got my Stryd today. I’m looking forward to some Stryd to Sporty Watch Face to Samsung Gear action coming up real soon.

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