new Suunto D5 Watch – Announced with Specifications

Suunto have just announced the D5

It’s a dive computer and it looks to be built on the same hardware platform as the Suunto 9unsurprisingly. Having said that the D5 has a bigger case, although the screen size and resolution appears to be the same as with the Suunto 9.

The Suunto D5 has lots of dive-related functionality built on to what looks like the same original SPARTAN firmware that underpins the newish Suunto 9 multisports/outdoors watch.

Interestingly it is compatible with Suunto’s Tank POD to measure gas (tank) pressure and it links to that wirelessly underwater using an INDUCTIVE method – whatever that means! I can guess, and assume a communications method other than Bluetooth or ANT+ is required as those ssignals will not travel sufficiently far when underwater.

This competes directly with Garmin’s Descent Dive watch

Availability: 2019

Tank POD

Special Notifications

  • Dive time
  • Maximum depth
  • Tank pressure
  • Gas time
  • High pO2 (hyperoxic)
  • Too fast ascent
  • Decompression ceiling violation
  • Deepstop violation
  • CNS/OTU (OLF) 80% / 100%
  • Switch gas (better gas is available)

Key features


  • 100 m water resistant
  • Wireless tank pressure
  • Vibration alarms
  • Digital compass
  • Wireless mobile connection
  • Exchangeable straps
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Updatable software

Detailed Dive Features

There are an impressive numbre of Dive-realted features

  • Maximum operating depth (EN 13319) – 100 m / 328 ft (EN 13319, ISO 6425)
  • Nitrox (and air)
  • Freedive
  • Gauge
  • Dive time 0 to 999 min
  • Surface time 0 to 100 h
  • No fly time
  • Safety Stop
  • Deep Stop
  • Ascent time display 0 – 999 min ( > after 999)
  • CNS/OTU (OLF) calculation
  • Gas time
  • Gas consumption (real-time)
  • Custom displays 4 per dive mode
  • Visual style – Graphical
  • Personal adjustment
  • Altitude adjustment 0 – 300 m / 300 -1500 m / 1500 – 3000 m
  • Gases – up to 3 gases (Oxygen 21 – 99%)
  • Gas max pO2 1.6
  • Timer
  • No-decompression planner
  • Logbook bookmarks
  • Dive History lifetime
  • Decompression model – SUUNTO FUSED(TM) RGBM 2
  • Logbook sampling rates – scubadive 10s, freedive 1s
  • Wireless air integration – optional (up to 3 different tanks with Suunto Tank POD)
  • Logbook memory – 200h or 400 dives whichever comes first


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4 thoughts on “new Suunto D5 Watch – Announced with Specifications

  1. I don’t think there’s much overlap between this and the Suunto 9. This is MASSIVE for a start. Smaller than a traditional dive computer but bigger than their other dive watches. It also has completely different internal hardware and antennas. It might share some core software concepts but I’d imagine it has more in common with the rest of the dive range, what with it being safety critical and all. Very surprised by the QR strap, although more convenient than the old strap extenders. Until your watch falls off into the depths of a wreck…

    1. yep, I suspect there is no multisport mode but the architecture looks to share many common themes including the SPARTANesque FW. The Suunto 9 & D5 are both 100m proof, the D5 weighs 90g and the Sunto9 weights 81g…so there is 9g more of deep goodness in there somewhere. The D5 has a 53mm case dia unlike the 50mm of the S9. Both have the same 320x300px resolution which I would assume to be the same screen.

  2. Doesn’t really seem to be a competitor with the Garmin MK1, since it’s not multisport and doesn’t seem to even have GPS. More like a direct competitor to shearwater teric.

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