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Compressport R2 Calf Guard Review

I had this ‘special, private’ offer of 40% off CompresSport mailed to my non-the5krunner email today.

You might have to persevere with the link as it often fails as the ‘maximum number of connections’ are already exceeded…supposedly, as shown below. Anyway, it does eventually work and does give you some genuine pre-Black Friday reductions of 40%.

Disclaimer: If you buy anything from that link then I get nothing from that…enjoy the 40% all to yourself 😉 Just trying to help…#Sigh

Me & CompresSport

I’m not convinced by the ‘go faster’ angle that is sometimes put forward by CompresSport, however, some of their products do seem to help with recovery. 

I also tend to use their R2 calf guards if I haven’t been running much ie they might just help stave off an injury. Or not.

I’ve just got some of the new R2 version 2 calf guards (that’s R2V2…ha ha) ) which look basically the same as last year’s model except there might be a different, stronger construction to the band at the top of the sleeve (?), there’s also a tab on the sleeve to help pull it on. anyway, I’ve not tried the v2 ones yet. But I used the V1 a lot last winter to great injury-avoiding effect.

Before last Christmas, I also bought another pair of the compression tights, as shown below. Or, more precisely, I bought them for ‘someone’ in my family to then give me the money for, and to then warp them and give them back to me on Christmas day…something like that. Santa is rubbish, he has no idea what I like. These were a ‘bargain’ at £99 but, as someone else was paying, I didn’t really mind 😉 they are now reduced to £73, which is a bit more ‘reasonable’, although £73 is in line with the pricing from 7 or 8 years ago when I first bought an earlier model.

Sad Factette: I used to wear the compression tights to bed when I was training really hard…life has now changed and I tend to wear them just to keep warm and I have also deluded myself into thinking I look ‘quite cool’ when I run and wear them. The newer designs are certainly ‘better’ in the cool stakes.

Click this image and buy the tights and Amazon might give me a pound if they are feeling generous.

I was sent 2 pairs of freebie (Disclaimer…they were free) CompresSport socks by their UK distributor last week (who I know from MIO Link days – the good ol’ glory days of oHR). They were both full length (knee height) socks, a style which I had never used before. One pair was the DETOX RECOVERY and the others were their OXYGEN RACE socks. The latter were quite interesting (that link is to the 40% off thing I mentioned at the start, they are not on Amazon yet).

Here’s why they are interesting. Naturally, they were tight but they were also very lightweight – they had a surprisingly thin mesh considering how tight they felt. The running experience was also ‘interesting’ as my calves were tweaked in different places to when I normally run. Is that a good thing? Dunno.

They also sent me a comedy freebie of Glide (the wetsuit lubricant that many of us use)


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