HeartGuide :: Omron – Wrist Watch for blood pressure

Omron's blood pressure watch is go
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Omron’s HeartGuide watch looks sweet.

But it’s unusual. Frist up it’s got FDA approval and secondly, rather than heart rate, it measures BLOOD PRESSURE from the wrist.

Wareable state that this is the first such device to get FDA approval. And that means that it’s another one of those pieces of tech that might actually work for once (It will work!)

As tech users, we have new concerns for battery life 😉 This device has a tiny baloon that inflates to get a reading, that inflation will take energy and we will now have to worry about the number of inflations per charge!! Apparently the HeartGuide can get 30-50 inflations per charge – sounds good to me.

It’s also an activity tracker and sleep monitor but I’m not sure yet to what degree its competencies in those areas mathc other products on the market..

It’s expensive at $499 but I bet, with these apparent good looks, there will be quite a large market for it globally. Good luck to them

You can buy one now for shipping in 2019. Different international markets will have differing release schedules depending on legal approval (ie the USA is the first country)

Will we see an Omron HeartGuide review ?…maybe

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  1. BP is one of the most bizare measurements doctors take. If you read enough material you’ll start to question its use in medicine! That same research helps you question how much doctors know about the heart too 🙂

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