STRYD New – Important – Structured POWER Workouts from Final Surge

I recently had an email to check out the new Final Surge online coaching platform and their new CIQ app. I wasn’t that excited. However, it’s been quiet so I persevered. And it was worth persevering as I quickly had a ‘fall off the seat moment‘.

It seems that Final Surge (FS) have looked at the Running With Power jigsaw and had an Aunty Ethel moment. You know, when you are stuck on that 1000 piece Heinz Baked Beans puzzle at Christmas and leave the room only to come back in 30 minutes later and find that Aunty Ethel has put her jigsaw talents to awesome use and done the really hard bit that you’d been struggling on for days.

Either by design or accident (I don’t care either way 😉 ) FS have used the Garmin structured workout functionality on their site BUT ALSO ENABLED the bits that Garmin hasn’t YET enabled ie put simply, with FS you can now create complex structured RUNNING POWER workouts for free and sync them to your Garmin where you can execute them as a normal workout without having to execute them with a proprietary app.


These are ‘proper’ complex, structured workouts with the ability to specify repeated intervals based on power, pace or HR and intervals can be time-limited or ended by a button press (yay)

Here’s what you do



  • Grab your smartphone and make sure your Garmin device is correctly linked and sync’d to Garmin Connect Mobile
  • From your 935 (Garmin device) force it to synchronise the workouts you have created on Final Surge – I had the FS CIQ app set to download 5 future day’s worth of workouts. As part of this process you should be prompted to authorize the connection with FS on your smartphone.


  • All the Final Surge stuff is in beta right now. But once you have sync’d to your watch all should be good. Failing that, there is a manual option. But I got the sync to work via the CIQ app after a few tries
  • You can then execute the workout in 935>Run settings>Training>My Workouts> where there will be workouts named something like “fs_23044159_<name>”
  • The workouts DO seem to show all the correct steps and ‘POWER’ prompts as shown here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Disappointingly, I didn’t get any audible, visual or vibrate alerts when I was out of the target running power zone. I’ll do a bit more testing here, if you have any luck please let me know below.

I will also do some research to see if there are any Final Surge power plans that can be purchased and downloaded.

I will also do some research to see if RunScribe Plus Power and Garmin Running Power work in the same way via CIQ.

If you are specifically interested in a Running with Power PLAN then try these two


The Final Surge platform and new CIQ app also have some other interesting news lined up for Wahoo Elemnt users, see this post:

Final Surge – CIQ Plans and *NEW* Structured Workouts




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Ewan Cameron
Ewan Cameron

This plus audible, visual or vibrate alerts when you’re out of the target running power zone will be a game changer. I think what you’ve described plus third party data field Run Power by FlowState will give you that. Still fiddly to sort – all of this needs to be native functionality in next gen of watches.

John Winfield
John Winfield

I’m a little confused, does it do anything with power besides the text in the workout step prompt?

I’ve been using TrainAsOne for about a year which also has structured workout syncing to the Garmin watch, but no power support.


This isn’t working for me. I’m not seeing any power numbers, just “–“


The same for me – the workout data field shows a power icon and ‘–‘ instead of current power. Also, the red-green-red gauge has no pointer. So to really work with the interval, I have to memorize the power range for the current interval, press ‘down’ to go to my Stryd Data Field and control the power by looking at it.
Still, it is good to have at least the step reminders. Everything would be so easy, if Garmin would just enable native power for running…

Richard Perks
Richard Perks

Yes, this is a real issue with Garmin as it doesn’t support power numbers unless using HRM-RUN/TRI. Seems too much vendor lock-in for my liking and makes interval training with power more difficult than it needs to be. Come on Garmin, we expect better,


this was raised a few times by people at the ciq conference last week. apparently garmin have a couple of idea on how approach this. but my previous understanding was that there wasn’t much buy-in to resolving this.
I hope I am wrong