Suunto links to TrainingPeaks and more

This is a bit more than a ‘meh’ moment.

The crux of the matter is shown here as you can now link your Suunto app account to your TrainingPeaks account. There’s an interesting bit too. I promise I will cover that further below.

In all it’s glory here I link from to TP (pre-existing functionality)

I then checked my Suunto app (Android) and connected that as it wasn’t connected automatically. I thought I’d also try the old Movescount app as I hadn’t used that for quite a while and now that tells me that I shouldn’t use the Movescount app if I have a Suunto 9, Spartan or 3 models. Which I do. So I stopped there. As I like to be told what to do. Sometimes.

The connection worked too on the Suunto app.

Let’s assume that a newly completed Move (workout) will get sync’d through to TrainingPeaks. It does, I checked ;-), see below. Actually I had a 10-minute running power PB today (yay!) but that’s not shown below as it was done on my Polar Vantage, so the 1 minute and 53 seconds of glory shown below might, just might, be me sitting down in front of a PC.

So that’s great.

Previously, the Suunto app only had data sync links to STRAVA and Endomondo – as shown in the earlier images. It makes sense for any serious sports data creator to link to Training Peaks…even the Sleep Monitor QS.EMFIT does that and has done for a while. So this is a good, but late, move by Suunto for their app. It would be EVEN BETTER if Suunto provided a DROPBOX app and then we could MORE EASILY use our own data wherever we wanted. Like loading it into Golden Cheetah, for example. Lots of serious athletes use Golden Cheetah and not Training Peaks. C’mon Suunto/Polar, you need to do the same as well…Wahoo did it.

So that’s the boring bit and my mini-rant over. Now comes the slightly more interesting stuff. I’ll cut to the chase:

  • There’s the obligatory 30-day, Free Training Peaks PREMIUM Trial with the purchase of a new Suunto.
  • Buying a new, high-end Suunto will also get you a Training plan created by Suunto from the TrainingPeaks Training Plan Store. As of 8Jan2019, I couldn’t find those plans but the frere plan has only just been announced so I’m sure they will be available soon.
    • I  assume that the TrainingPeaks plans for Suunto will replicate or replace the functionality that Suunto already has. At least for now. By that, I mean that a ‘plan’ will involve the calendar scheduling of simple move-type workouts. More specifically I do NOT see there being any structured workouts created in these new TrainingPeaks plans…yet.

Creating a simple planned Move:

Existing TRAINING PROGRAM catalog:.

Existing watch-based planned workout functionality

State of the SPARTAN – After Suunto’s Firmware v2.0.40 (May 2018)


If Suunto is clever here they will be following Wahoo’s lead which is essentially outsourcing all the hard stuff to someone else and then linking to it. In the case of Wahoo they link to TODAY’S PLAN and to TRAININGPEAKS for workout creation (FINAL SURGE this year too, hopefully).

If Suunto do that, then they can focus on enabling the execution of complex structured workouts on their Spartan/Suunto 9 devices. That is a glaring omission of key functionality at present.

But today’s press release also has, hidden away, some hints at a new direction for Suunto

  • In Suunto’s press release today they also say that they want to open up their API to ” …give the opportunity for sport and outdoor companies to connect with Suunto’s engaged sports enthusiasts.” Hopefully, this would allow the likes of TODAY’SPLAN AND FINALSURGE to provide integrations for workout creation, scheduling and the subsequent advanced analysis.
  • But the press release also says that Suunto wants to grow the number of compatible services by building “commercial programs with new potential partners by offering the Movesense sensor platform for open development of movement based solutions and service“. MovesSense is, sort of, the pod from the Suunto Smart Belt HRM except that it has other sensors in it which are able to be leveraged by CUSTOM 3rd party solutions. Some of the new stuff being shown now at CES 2019 is, I believe, from Suunto’s Movesense-enabled partners.

Movesense has promised a lot and has always seemed interesting and clever when I have sat through presentation about it. I’m just waiting to use some of the products that come from it (some do exist).

via: @JustinP:

via@dcr: , I thought this had been around for a while but DCR rightly points out that the ability now exists for people to get data out of the Suunto platform.

edit: Changed to state that TP was previously available via MOVESCOUNT

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11 thoughts on “Suunto links to TrainingPeaks and more

  1. I’ve been thinking that for a while… instead of trying to build all workout planner and structured workouts themselves, why not oursource it? Especially in light of Suunto better than average intervals and intensity targets support in the watch already? Not to mention Ambit used to do it all! Just reuse those bits to execute a structured workout pushed from elsewhere. With TP, they get really hard bits of a proper calendar functionality and workout building nailed instantly. And leapfrog Polar and its season planner by a wide margin.

    The next few Suunto firmware updates might be interesting. Too bad I’m back to Garmin fold, and yes, Garmin already has workouts from TP.

  2. maybe a bit correction and fact based info for your side: Movescount (the web front end) had automatic sync to Trainingspeaks since years, nothing new, what is new and got yesterday announced that the Suunto App (mobile end) now has this autosync as well enabled (that they didn’t had before) so your text here “Suunto only had data sync links…”, “but late, move by Suunto”, “C’mon Suunto/Polar, you need to do the same as well…” are utterly wrong

    ” …if Suunto provided a DROPBOX app and then we could MORE EASILY use our own data”

    -> you can export your moves in KML, GPX, XLS, FIT and TCX as usually and as well since years, as well nothing new, open your moves, right hand side ‘tools’ menu and choose your format to export, for sake you can even export your whole exercise as a batch in case you want to move it to another ecosystem via the option menue and export whole “moves history

  3. Suunto watches TP link for structured workouts/planned moves would be perfect, but, Suunto users will need to pay for this, that actually exists in MC (planned moves) and Ambit (structured moves).
    The other thing that is difficult to belive, is that the next FW for Spartans/S9/S3/… will sync that features plus, HR/Pace/Power zones (that are highly configurables in TP, and all other options).

    Will I pay for that? sure!
    Belive that is going to be in next FW? nop!

    1. I think this is the exact thing that’s being discussed in Suunto forums. I stand by the argument I made there as well: people who have TP most likely already have paid TP. And they are the ones who are buying Suunto premium watches.

      It’s unlikely somebody would drop $500+ on a device geared toward ultras and hours of workouts and then proceed to save a fraction of that on proper planning and analysis. Not to mention, that Suuntos and Polars of the world come and go, and TP stays.

      That being said, I agree with you: I’d be very surprised to see TP structured workouts and plans and Suunto watches linked in any meaningful fashion any time soon. But a man can hope!

      1. following a complex, structured workout is a niche (but important) requirement.
        only a tiny minority of atheltes use them – I used to but rarely do now as it’s too much hassle. Perhaps I might create one for a complex or ramp workout where precise control at a hard effort level is important

        i can see that a reasonable %age of those who buy plans might want and expect this functionality
        I would imagine that a much smaller percentage of self-coached people would use it

        But it’s just one of those features that demonstrates a competent ‘pro’ offering and hence a desirable ‘nice to have’…unfortunately it’s hard and expensive to implement (looked at on the whole platform level)

      2. Depends on what you mean by complex; warm-up/cool-down time aren’t supported in the Spartan range; or a group I sometime run with has some workouts with sets of intervals where the intervals can vary across the session, say a set of 5/1 intervals then a set of 3/1 intervals

  4. Do you know if or how I can sync my old moves to Training Peaks? I have connected the accounts, but only the new moves will sync.

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