CES 2019 Roundup – Where was the excitement ?

I never expected a raft of new sports watches to be announced at CES 2019 but if I’d gone there I think I would have left disappointed with what was announced.

Omron HeartGuide

I’d already covered this last year. link to the5krunner.com

It looks like an interesting medical-grade device for reading blood pressure on the wrist and, more importantly, it already has FCC approval. Unlike some of the techy tat that is still being sold this actually looks good enough to wear…kinda a pre-requisite really. Nice job Omron.

It will take some time to get approval for different countries but most of you should be able to expect it to be released this year sometime.





Valencell announced some new tech – with BE5.0 (the ‘E’ is for ear). Again, it’s medically related and this technology partnership with SONION looks destined for hearables. I am somewhat sceptical about those that say hearables are the next big thing. Then again, I was sceptical about Youtube being the next big thing when Google bought it, so just ignore me.


Valencell’s Latest Biometric Sensor System Raises the Bar for Accurate Biometric Wearables & Hearables




Healbe have announced the GoBe 3 which allegedly can measure hydration and track calories through skin-based measurement.

It’s probably fanciful. Show me a peer-reviewed study or even a sample size of more than 27 people and I might go some way to believing it. Just ignore this. They will probably go away.



Amazfit: Not at CES

This looks a bit like the Polar A370 from a few years back, which I still like.

Huami announced this Amazfit Cor 2. Technically it’s probably more advanced than the A370 and I’ve always liked the look of a good band.



Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Connected by VerizonOh yes, there is some slight tinkering with the Vivoactive 3 Music. WiFi is DE-supported in the new version and instead, you can rely on just one global cellular network provider based in the USA…Verizon. they’re big in the US but I bet the support for their network only in America has little use to YOU right now.

Music is sort-of streamed over an inbuilt cellular chip (not eSIM, apparently) and there are also safety/crash alerts sent over the same network.

In itself this announcement is bordering on boring. However with the announcement, Garmin have staked a claim for a new way forwards. Whilst the present offering might be boring and very limited I reckon in 18 months time it will be somewhat more expanded and exciting…expanded in terms of features on offer and countries and networks supported. Plus it will be on other Garmin models. Me? I’d go for the WiFi version.

Oh yes, Garmin also announced some sort of partnership with Mercedes. That’s all that needs to be said.


Edited: In my lack of excitement I found an announcement that Suunto were partnering with MYOTEST. The latter provides running gait metrics a bit like Firstbeat provides physiological metrics. I got very excited. And then saw it was announced in 2018 not 2019. Grrrr


There was some excitement from Withings. Looking at the new product(s) and the overall ‘wellness’ offering, which appears good – on the face of it. The new watches are priced VERY keenly as well.

Finally, a ‘new’ entrant realises it’s all about market share.

Here are the Withings MOVE and Withings MOVE ECG



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4 thoughts on “CES 2019 Roundup – Where was the excitement ?

  1. For me, the big one is the VA3 Verizon. Not that I’ll get one. It doesn’t do all the other stuff I want. But they will start getting the kinks worked out. This means by the the time it comes to the 9xx, it’ll likely be quite functional. Verizon is fine for me since that is who I use. Heck, the iPhone used to only work on ATT, at least here in the US.

    Wasn’t Valencell the provider of OHR sensors to some of the bigger brands once upon a time? What ever happened to that?

    1. Valencell still supplies scosche and suunto, some others too.

      yes VA3MV signal the start of something interesting. i AM keen to learn what Garmin will enable over a phone link and/or even if that will be avaialble to CIQ apps to do.

  2. There might be an entire industry shift NOT to announce produces at yearly expos (which is self-defeating) instead of waiting to do their show around the annual expo. It’s happening in the videogame industry (See Sony pulling out of E3 to do their thing). Nintendo has been doing this for years now.

    I don’t understand the mindset. If it’s a marketing thing, it makes little sense not to go head to head with competitors with everyone looking and putting the superior product up. If it’s merely because the product is not ready for market well–you are always selling the hype not the actual thing at these expo’s so what do you gain from doing it on your own?

    In the case of Garmin, they will put something out for consumers in Feb (mid-month) to see as a standalone show, or dribble it out to blogs and influences to disseminate to little fanfare. Solid way to get people’s attention there!

    1. i guess.
      announcing products is only one reason for these shows. there is a chance to make contacts in various channels, win prizes and other stuff. for a smaller brand you know that the main media outlets should see you (ok maybe not with ces as it is so big)

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