Apple Vs. Valencell – Settled

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suunto spartan sport whr valencell
Valencell oHR Sensor in a Suunto SPARTAN

In January 2016 Valencell filed patent infringement lawsuits in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina against both Apple, Inc. and Fitbit, Inc.


The patents in question were these

  • 8,923,941 – Methods and apparatus for generating data output containing physiological and motion-related information
  • 8,886,269 – Wearable light-guiding bands for physiological monitoring
  • 8,929,965 – Light-guiding devices and monitoring devices incorporating same
  • 8,989,830 – Wearable light-guiding devices for physiological monitoring

Source of further info: US Patent Office

Valencell’s case against Apple has now been settled and neither is able to further comment. So you will have to draw your own conclusions.

Source: Valencell

Valencell’s case against Fitbit is ongoing as of 21Jan2019.

Source: Valencell


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