Garmin Trademarks for 2019 – Any Clues for the new triathlon watches?

Whilst an FCC registration can be left to just a few days before the product is launched, a trademark is different. Delaying an application can risk someone else taking your trademark. So registrations should be made well in advance of a product launch and indeed companies tend to do that.

Although the UK registration for Garmin’s INSTINCT was in September, just a month before the launch, that followed a US registration of the same name from earlier in the summer.

We speculated at the back-end of last summer about the registration of the MARQ trademark by Garmin. We’re still waiting to learn what that is, as well as the AUTONOMI.

Here are all of Garmin’s UK trademark registrations for 2018

  • AUTONOMI (26Spe2018) product class 9 (9 = Global positioning systems (GPS) incorporating smartwatches – but it could be linked to driverless car tech)
  • INSTINCT (26Sep2018) product released soon after in October 2018. Product class 9, 14 (14= Watches incorporating a Global Positioning System (GPS) )
  • MARQ (26Spe2018) Product class 9, 14. “MARQ Analogue” is also mentioned on Reddit
  • XERO (26Spe2018) Product class 9, 14 (Garmin XERO is a bow sight)
  • FORCE (27Spe2018) Product class 7 (boat related)
  • FORCE ONE (27Spe2018) Product class 7 (boat related)


I think we will find out very soon what MARQ is, I would guess in the next 4-6 weeks (edit:!). The only downside is that now-deleted content on the reddit link, above, referred to a MARQ Analogue. That sounds very Vivomove-like to me and so not as interesting as a potentially new tri-watch.

Background: The last Vivomove was Q3.2017 so could the MARQ be like the Vivomove but a higher-end model?

I’m still holding out for an imminent new launch of a new Garmin triathlon sub-brand. And that will be linked to new dual-band accessories ie a triathlon version of the HRM-DUAL and, maybe, a proper STRYD competitor in the form of a new BLE/ANT+ footpod. As we’ve said before, here, we’re due a couple of triathlon watches to replace the Forerunner 735XT and Forerunner 935 with perhaps also a 3rd, cheaper model.

Maybe the DragonFlyM we discovered wasn’t the Vivoactive 3 Music LTE after all?



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  1. Thank you for your outstanding investigative work! I have been waiting for the new Garmin Tri watch for a while and been checking your web site for some clue on when it might come. Hope it comes soon! 🙂

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