High5, Beet-IT & Humon Discount (40%, 25% & $100 Respectively)

If you visit high5.co.uk  (UK) and sign up to their newsletter you get 40% off your next order. That’s fine but you can do better than that.

If you order for the entire season then you get free shipping on UK orders over £25. Kerching

But there’s more.

If you get end of line items (eg here) then some of those are up to half price and, if I’m right as shown below, the 40% discount can be taken off those too plus the free delivery.

So I ‘ve just bought a vast amount of caffeinated sugar with the pack “Middle Distance Triathlon Race Day Nutrition/High5 Triathlon Pack” which was reduced from about £27ish to £19.99 because I chose a bizarre flavour. then i got another £5 off that.

Here is what I bought (I’ve no link to Hight 5, I’m simply saying what I bought)



With all that money I’ve saved I can just about afford a visit to the dentist. I’m happy, please don’t tell me you can get them same somewhere cheaper – it’ll make me sad…remember these gels are 2:1 glucose:fructose + caffeine. Super cool.

There is also a similar 2 for one deal on SiS right now too (UK, very limited timeframe). Which I just found out about 30 minutes too late. Grrr

Click to see the discounts in checkout IMAGE

Humon Hex (I reviewed it here a while back) – if you are thinking of getting one, well two, then there is $100 off right now. Or if you just want the one then there is 10% off with my code the5krunner10 (which does NOT work on the bundle).


Here is a link to the discounted bundle.

I might write a ‘Humon Hex – 3 Months On’ post if anyone is interested? I used it a LOT when I first got it and now still use it 2-3 times a week. It’s really helped me warmup properly eg I used it today and spent ages warming up but then nailed a 3km running power PB.

Plus there have also been some additions to the Humon platform that I need to cover. Though having said that they are planning some cool additions in the next imminent firmware which I might keep my powder dry for.

Love & Marriage :: CURRANZ & BEET

Finally Beet-It – if, like me you use vast amounts of the stuff then the code ELITEBEET will get you 25% off direct from the manufacturer but you have to order 4 full boxes. I have no link to the manufacturer other than I can use this code. This code expires after a  few weeks.

TACX and Garmin hey! Who would have thought it?


Humon Hex Review ⬢ Muscle Oxygen Use-Case Scenarios

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