STRYD – New Accuracy Firmware

STRYD have just released new FIRMWARE which delivers increased accuracy – v1.1.9 and subsequent versions

There are two areas of changes

  1. Increased responsiveness to incline changes. The rest of the post will discuss this.
  2. MINOR: Better handling of highly variable temperature changes eg when running from indoors to outdoors in winter.

All power-enabled versions of the footpod will receive the same functionality via the iOS or Android apps. You should be automatically notified that your firmware needs updating when you connect STRYD to its partner app and then the update itself takes about a minute.

Many of you may not notice the increased responsiveness. However, if you want to get an idea of the differences then hold fire on that firmware upgrade for a minute and take your smartphone along with STRYD to your nearest 50m hill.

  • Perform a few run controlled runs up your 50m hill and take note of how quickly STRYD responds to changes in the incline.
  • Use your smartphone to update the firmware and repeat your tests.

stryd powerrace app garmin 235

What Should I See?

You should see responsiveness increase to be 2 or 3 seconds faster.

What If I don’t See That?

It’s possible that the smoothing that you have set on Garmin Express will mask the responsiveness. Many of you may not even be aware of this setting but I prefer to have averaging set to Real Time Power. You should see a noticeable difference if your setting is the same. I didn’t test the other averages but I would guess from the 10 second average and upwards, you will probably not notice the effects of the new firmware.

Use Power Averaging as a workaround for the lack of some watches to support various running power metrics

I Thought STRYD Was Already Accurate?

Yes, I would say that is true.

We’re talking about small changes here and what is being changed is the responsiveness ie the ability to get to the level of accuracy more quickly.

Who Will Benefit The Most?

Probably those who want to quickly react to changes in incline!

Also consider that few of us probably run with one eye fixed on a power reading and another on the route ahead. So we either glance at STRYD’s power or are alerted to a high/low power reading. So those of us who use Real Time Power or STRYD’s Power Race app should notice a slight improvement in our running experience. For example an alert from Power Race should probably be triggered slightly sooner when going uphill too quickly.

Is that All?

Yup. sorry.

I would say though that I am hopeful that there will be more news trickling from STRYD in the months ahead. I’m also looking at how STRYD is supported by other platforms and should hopefully be able to report back on some interesting discoveries there when I have the time. (Not just Final Surge’s power running plans but other stuff too)



▷ STRYD Review 2019 | The STRYD Bible | Running Power Meter, Footpod, Detailed Look (Updated)

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I’ve been a Stryd user for a couple of years now. I use it with a Garmin Vivoactive running the Stryd data field within the standard Garmin running app. There are a number of limitations to this set up, the biggest of which is that I can’t set any power alerts since the device does not natively connect to power meters.

Thus, I also use an old refurbished 910XT that I bought cheap just for the purpose of using in cycling mode to do structured workouts by power (and to utilize the alert features).

With all that said, what is your preferred watch for use with Stryd and if different, what’s your preferred Garmin watch for Stryd? I am looking to upgrade, and obviously the good ol’ Vivoactive is not the greatest choice but I like the fact it doesn’t waste batter (or space) on a built in HRM and it’s just so small and unobtrusive.

Would like to hear your thoughts!


All hail to best footpod in market. Just do not expect it can be better in pacing again,they are just many decades ahead of their copetitor


Couldn’t update the fw on android had to use an iphone. In doing this i discovered how much more info the ios app gives you. it really is unacceptable that the android app is as bad as it is considering how long stryd has been out.

I really do like the live pace in comparison to what the V800 outputs. Have only had a few weeks and the battery life is great (down to 40% after 11 hours).