Humon Hex Adds FIT Import to Latest SmO2 Zone

This is exciting news for existing Humon Hex owners.

My understanding is that  Humon secured some VC funding last year and we are now starting to see that coming through into great new features to support the Hex.

One of the previously missing features was the inability to import FIT files into the Humon environment. That’s normally the opposite way to what we want to do with our data but the reason for wanting your data in the Humon environment is so that you can see a great multi-coloured schematic of your time-in-zone for your latest workout. And that’s ZONES where I mean Muscle Oxygen Zones!

I, and others, asked for this feature last year. In my case there is no way that I’m going to carry around my smartphone with the Humon app running as all my data is going to be on the Garmin.

The first piece of this particular jigsaw to fall in place was last month’s definition and addition of your personalised and automatically calculated Muscle Oxygen zones to be saved in a FIT file on your Garmin, via one of the Humon Hex data fields. In itself that change didn’t do much for me but it did support some super-pretty charts in WKO4 when you export data to TrainingPeaks, but that’s another story. I wrote about that here…

Humon Hex – New Features & 3 months more usage

With those foundations laid, now all you have to do is drag and drop a single FIT file at a time into the Humon online platform, like this…

The whole process is simple and straightforward, albeit a tad clunky. But it seems to work super-fine and you then get the same old charts that you would get had you saved the workout via the app. And that’s cool. I love these charts.

Here I am following Training Peaks’ formal 20 minute cycling warmup that comes from British Cycling – it’s covered in more detail in the post above. But this time I get a nice chart to show I’ve done it properly. Look how the muscle oxygen for this particular muscle group is notably raised from about 56% to over 70%. Bang!! Ready-to-go.

This was a different day and this time a running warmup followed by 4x 1′ as part of this week’s taper. The Hex battery was about flat so excuse the dropouts, it doesn’t do that at all normally. This warmup shows that I perhaps didn’t quite warm up properly but it was good enough as the 4x 1′ ‘intervals’ were all below race pace and not to taxing at all and so the peaks are all pretty much at the same SmO2 level and I got to that level on the first time of asking..

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2 thoughts on “Humon Hex Adds FIT Import to Latest SmO2 Zone

  1. That’s cool but a huge pain. The obvious next step is to integrate with the Garmin Connect API and whatever Suunto and Polar have for their API and probably Strava to be able to automatically receive the FIT data when the watch sends its data to its backend service. Just like Stryd does.

    The Hex is an intriguing device.

    1. I suspect it’s mostly WAHOO and Garmin users of Hex out there right now.
      Let’s see if this sort of thing is on the roadmap…Humon ARE a small comapny BUT have VC cash. so that call could go either way.
      More serious users of SmO2, at this stage, would probably want their analyses and pretty charts in WKO4 (done, Golden Cheetah (I’ll ask about that too) and similar tools.

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