Garmin Marq vs Garmin Fenix 5X Plus vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

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Let’s do a simple comparisosn of Garmin Marq vs Garmin Fenix 5X Plus vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

Garmin Marq Vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Vs Garmin Fenix 5X Plus

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The Fenix 5 Plus and Marq are very similar. But these are the full standout feature differences. No-one else has reported all the differences yet 😉

  • More than twice the price of the base 5X Plus model
  • Similar case and lens spec except the MARQ has a titanium case
  • The MARQ ATHLETE is smaller than the 5 Plus which is smaller than the 5X Plus. It’s 1mm less in diameter and depth
  • At 94g the Marq Athlete is slightly heaveier than the TITANIUM Fenix 5X Plus at 87g
  • Battery life is improved over the Fenix 5 Plus but not as good as the 5X Plus GPS  =<28 hours (Vs 18 and 32 hours), GPS + Music =<9 hours (Vs 8 and 13 hours), UltraTrac =<48 hours (Vs 42 and 70 hours)
  • Twice the practical storage 2000 vs 1000 songs
  • Twice the memory/history 32Gb vs 16Gb
  • New Live Event Sharing Feature
  • New Body Battery Energy Monitor (from the Vivosmart 4)
  • New Heat and altitude acclimation feature
  • New Training Load Focus feature
  • New Primary Benefit (Training Effect Labels) feature
  • New respiration rate feature

There are also internal differences like a new Sony GPS chip and ELEVATE oHR sensor array.

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12 thoughts on “Garmin Marq vs Garmin Fenix 5X Plus vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

  1. It says respiration rate requires an appropriate accessory.
    Any idea what that is?
    Maybe they just use a hrm with hrv, since they use hrv to gauge respiration rate for lactate threshold detection.

    1. we have personal livetrack and we have group-based grouptrack.
      so it’s different to those.
      i can only imagine that it is a public mode for your in-race performance and then some combination of your performance with others who have made their data public likewise
      that’s a guess tho.

      1. Makes sense, thanks.
        I’d like to see an updated Web interface for Livetrack, it hasn’t changed a bit since 2013 when it first appeared with the FR620. There could be more data available and more readable graphs. Not sure that many people use it though…

  2. “New indoor track running profile” I have this on my VA3.. not sure on Fenix though

  3. Marq Athlete, almost twice the price of Fenix 5 plus with titanium and sapphire is the main difference. I don’t need 1000 extra songs. A bit longer battery life in GPS modus, because of a different GPS chip, which is less accurate than the one inn Fenix! Marq is a bit smaller than the Fenix, but more than 20 % heavier! 1500 dollars for a luxery watch one buy to use for the rest of your life might be OK, but how long will you keep a smartwatch? The battery can not be changed, and will probably last 5-10 years before battery life drops too much

    1. Thank you for the further breakdown *and @the5Krunner for the original! @Tellef, can you please breakdown what you mean by a less accurate GPS chip in the Marq than the Fenix 5 Plus? Thank you!

      1. Rainmaker have, as always, a thorough review. In one of his runs he experienced poor satellite performance. Garmin explained it with a possible cause, so it might not bee a problem. I have the Fenix 5 which is much better than Fenix 3. My old wach lost satellite reseptions quite often. This never happens with F5, but poor accuracy still causes me to loose Strava segments, so I would trade the opportunity to get moore accurate position for shorter battery life. In attached run i missed 2 segmentes. Quite annoying if you aim for a PR or a CR. The part of the run at top of the map who looks like Zorros mask should have been a straight line. I followed a road back and forth

    2. from the experience with the same chip on the Polar Vantage: the Vantage showed ‘mixed’ gps results. in my experience of both devices, the Vantage V (metal case) was not as good as the cheaper Vantage M. others had broadly similar results to me..give or take. The Vantage M, I would say, could be comparable to the 935 with gps accuracy.
      so, extrapolating from that I would guess many people might assume that the sony chip could be inherently ‘bad’, especially in a metal-cased MARQ. this may well turn out to be true but i would hope garmin design a good antennae and good algorithms to make the chip work well.

      on the other hand the same chip is in the Coros apex and, with the larger 46mm model, I found very good accuracy…indeed better than dcr found but I believe that dcr did most of his tests with the smaller 42mm apex – i would agree the 42mm was not quite as good as the 46mm.

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