NEW Garmin Edge 830, New Coros Apex Navigation, New Runscribe

Some exciting news & leaks today from Garmin, RunScribe and Coros.

New Garmin Edge 830

Garmin’s latest registration on the FCC is likely to be a high spec Garmin EDGE device. The most likely Edge candidate is the Garmin Edge 830 as the Edge 1030 and Edge 520plus are only about 18 months old (likely=it is).

WAHOO, elemnt, bolt, mini

Q: How will the Edge stack up to the ELEMNT? A: Just like that

From what I can make out the registration shows some high-end specs which would NOT be on a lower end model or even on a new Edge for the MTB market. I shall remain deliberately vague as to my detailed reasoning.

When? The FCC registration indicates that the announcement is likely to be imminent, sooner than the expiration date of the privacy dates shown in the filing. However, Garmin has delayed a few launches at the last-minute recently (MARQ, Forerunner 245 Music and Forerunner 945) so we may end up waiting until June 2019, give or take a month. A June RELEASE would match the release month of the previous high-end Edge devices.

Likely headline additions to the Edge 820 that we will see in the Garmin Edge 830 include

  • Bluetooth sensor support
  • External battery pack support (aka Garmin CHARGE)
  • Generally improved hardware ie a faster processor, better screen and more memory.
  • The size/format of the 830 is likely to be very similar to the 820 ie touchscreen in a mid-sized case.
  • Probably some fancy new Firstbeat stuff as well
  • Possibly the new Sony chip to improve battery life

There will be more than this but the Edge 820 is a fully featured Garmin cycling product, the main difference to the Edge 1030/Explore is simply size and hence suitability to navigation. Oh…price too 😉

It’s unlikely, but possible, that we would get any of the following although if I had to bet on just one of these being added it would be the eSIM.

  • Contactless payments
  • Inbuilt video
  • Inbuilt eSIM/cellular connection

I’m expecting the Edge 830 to be released in May 2019, possibly earlier. It’s already listed in various places on Garmin’s site as this image shows (via @Phoner)

It is possible that the timing of the Edge 830 is affecting the release of other non-Garmin bike products. ie the other companies MAY have got wind of this release and delayed the announcement of their own products.

As Appelmoessite reports below, the release will coincide with the launch of a BLE/ANT+ Speed sensor and a BLE/ANT+ cadence sensor.

Here are the latest views on all upcoming products that I am able to talk about

Mar 2019: Sports Watch Update: ‘All’ new & current Bike/Run/Tri/Fitness Models with GPS. Rumours of replacement dates for Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Fitbit…more

Runscribe Plus – New Firmware

Tim @Runscribe has released Firmware 36.15 which adds support for slow walking as well as improved accuracy for ContactTime, FlightTime, and distance.

Here’s the Runscribe review if you want to learn more about the product, it’s a great tool for digging deep into your gait metrics. Indeed RunScribe now target the product more towards running labs/running professionals rather than directly to athletes.

RunScribe Plus Review – Footpod & Running Power Meter

Coros Apex gets Navigation

Coros Apex Review 42mm 46mm GPS Running Triathlon Multisport Watch

This is not yet shown on the Coros release notes page but the Apex now enjoys the much-awaited navigation function with breadcrumb trails. There are also minor enhancements which include 1/5/10 km/mi splits on the app and the increased sensitivity and accuracy of pace-related metrics on the watch.

Let’s talk about navigation in more detail.

There’s nothing too unusual about the implementation of the navigation on the Apex. I guess one of the nice things is that the routes are loaded over Bluetooth to the watch and so no cables are needed, which could be handy in the middle-of-nowhere. Otherwise, it’s all standard stuff.

You can manually upload GPX route files to your smartphone or use the track from a workout you’ve already completed – it’s a little bit of a clunky process but it works. I guess it would be nice to synchronise with STRAVA’s routes or RideWithGPS but, for a first release, it’s a great start from a newcomer.

I’ve only used one route file on the watch so far for navigation and it seems to work well.

You can follow a route in the direction it was initially created or reverse the direction. As well as that the watch shows the map breadcrumb outline at the start and the route elevation profile. You can also set the map display direction to be heading up/north up as shown on the clickable images below.

And then when you are actually running the route you get an alert if you go 10 metres off course and that alert lasts for a minute.

I think we shall hear some more interesting things from Coros this year…so stay tuned.

NB: Existing Coros Apex owners need to update their app before updating the Apex firmware to v1.30.

If you don’t know about Coros then they are worth checking out in the review below. the Apex is particularly interesting as it is an outdoors watch that’s mostly targeted at long distance and trail runners. Unusually it has the appearance more of a 24×7 dress watch than the more rugged looks of the Garmin Fenix. Another cool differentiator is that it comes in 42mm and 46mm case variants, so if you have thin wrists then this could be for you.

COROS APEX Review – Premium Build Quality Endurance & Tri Watch

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Cabbage 10mile?


Looks like the Garmin Edge 830 will launch 6/24 based on the FCC filing.


FCC dates aren’t release dates of the product but the dates on which the additional FCC data will be available.
Release of the Edge 830 will be way before that date.
As you can see on the pictures not a big difference when compared with the current Edge820.
With the release of the Edge 830 Garmin will also release a new version of both the Cadence and Speed sensor (V2). Speed sensor has changed more (optical) than the cadence sensor and both have a better bands with them.


New Wahoo bike computer imminent too. The Roam according to comments on gpsrumors


Had a bike shop offer me a deal today to put in my 830 pre-order. They were clearing out their 820’s, and I asked about it. They expect it to be available for order by the end of the month.