Garmin Edge 820 Price Crash

That’s a rather dramatic headline but true.

It looks like Amazon UK are clearing out stock of the Edge 820 as the replacement Garmin Edge 830 will hit the shelves in the next 10 weeks. That means that UK pricing of the Edge 820 is now at an all-time Amazon low of GBP141. Prices in the USA have not followed suit but by the time you read this …they may well have.

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I’m specifically saying this is the lowest AMAZON price. It is (now) on sale at the same price elsewhere eg Halfords. The graph above is undeniable!

Here is some Edge 830 (thirty) info – but those of you waiting for the 830, YOU WILL be paying over GBP300 for a super-shiney, new model. Those of you looking at a GBP141 Edge 820 are clearly in a different price bracket. Let’s face it, the core levels of functionality of the 820/830 will be nearly-identical.

NEW Garmin Edge 830, New Coros Apex Navigation, New Runscribe


It’s a great deal at this price for a fully-functioned bike computer. The only drawbacks I found was the touchscreen of the earliest models (that I have) and the slowness of the device when navigating over large routes. Feedback from owners with later versions seems to be that the touchscreen is generally OK.

Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. .


Garmin Edge 820 Review – Cycling Computer + Touchscreen

Power Meter CityIn the USA the Edge 820 is available with a 10% store credit from PowerMeterCity (checkout code: the5krunner10) and you help this blog in a small way by purchasing from there. It should be the equivalent of about $10 cheaper than the normal Amazon price.

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