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Final Surge

The training platform FINALSURGE today rolled out some interesting additions to their platform.

The platform is interesting and I’m probably going to switch over to it for ‘certain things’ soon. For example, they provide some of the best support for Running Power workouts – although limited by Garmin’s current functionality.

Before getting on to the new stuff you can check out some of their new stuff from December last year, below. LOTS of new stuff!!

Final Surge – CIQ Plans and *NEW* Structured Workouts

New Stuff

Today sees better multilingual support rolled out. Cool, if you are multilingual 😉

The post above shows that new structured workouts can be built in the online beta platform, they are very similar to those you can build with Garmin’s workout creator. As from today, these can now be viewed on the smartphone app as well I believe. (not tested)

There is also a cool coach feature. For any given workout, the platform can create multiple version to accommodate different users training metrics. For example, the coach would store a 2×20 workout file as one workout but which can be executed by one user based on WATTS and by another user based on HR…that kind of thing. The version which is executed is pre-determined by the athlete’s preference. That must make busy coaches’ lives a little more manageable and Final Surge themselves secretively note that this will then able them to add even more cool stuff in the future.

More Info

Final Surge’s Press Release/Blog: here

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