SportsTracks 3- no more

golden CheetahWell. I have to say I’m hacked off about this.

First it was Google Earth requiring payment from developers that meant my images on SportTracks had watermarks all over them – I did find a workaround that involved giving Google my credit card details.

Then it was finally figuring out after two years that it was the TRAININGLOAD plugin that was slowing down the startup of ST3.1.

Now it looks like SportTracks is being frozen in time.

I think frozen is a better way of saying it. It sounds better than de-supported. I assume ST3.1 will still work. It’s just that if there is some errant tweak in .NET or on Google Earth then you’re stuffed.

Announcement from Zone Five Software…below. Grrr.

If XERT can create a multi-sport environment I’d probably switch to that and use some of FINALSURGE’s upcoming functionalities for other stuff.

Final Surge

I’ll still use Golden Cheetah for weird stuff. Either that or set decent amount of time aside to really understand all of it…there’s a lot to understand.

Maybe I should just accept that 2019 has arrived and stop living in 2009.

Training Peaks. nah. You might want to have a look at STRAVISTIX/ELEVATE




Zone Five Software strives to provide useful and innovative solutions for technically focused fitness athletes training with data. Achieving that goal requires we focus on where the future tech trends and customers are going. In support of that goal Zone Five Software announces the end-of-life and end-of-sales dates for the SportTracks 3 (ST3) Windows PC software app. The last day to purchase a license for the ST3 product is June 30, 2019.

The ST3 product will reach end-of-life on March 31, 2020. Before the end-of-life date Zone Five Software may continue to provide software patches for issues assessed as urgent or critical in nature. At this time there is no software patch planned.

After March 31, 2020, we will no longer take support issues, offer software updates, or provide any support infrastructure for online services related to the ST3 Windows PC application operation including the support website, license management, or plugin registry.

We invite all customers to transition to our SportTracks online product [LEARN MORE]. Customers with an existing ST3 license can use the free Cloud Sync feature in ST3 to migrate their workout history, fitness health metrics and gear details in a few easy steps. The SportTracks online product has a 45-day free trial offer.

To maintain the integrity of your data and fitness tracking workflow we strongly recommend that you transition to our SportTracks online solution or another fitness tracking solution and de-install the ST3 software on or before the Software end-of-life date.

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Rui Freitas
Rui Freitas

Also an alternative for runners
Can use web or install your own server.

Steven Brown
Steven Brown

Disappointing but not unexpected. I was determined to stick with ST3 – really didn’t want to trust my data to the Cloud, would much rather have my own store. Became a pain when direct sync from Garmins stopped working, but I persevered, doing manual export/import, just to get the data store.

however, gave up a few months ago, as finally accepted they couldn’t care less about the product as they fully committed to the mobi site.

though I know everything is going Cloud, not sure it’s a great strategy for them – they’re now competing against bigger and better companies, where they had a unique proposition for desktop software – which I imagine plenty of folk are keen on.


Yep – not just the cloud issue for me… I find the desktop version has a much cleaner interface, where the smaller fonts and distinct panels with clear demarcations make it much easier on the eye for viewing, Never really got on with the web version which just looks too “busy” to really focus on anything.


So its all because of Training Load plug-in?? How did you fix this? just uninstall the plug-in? I really like it and there is no equivalent except for Stravistix…


I mean, the being slow to open thing….