Best Of CIQ :: 2019 Garmin Connect IQ Developer Award Nominees

These are the best CIQ apps, widgets and watch faces from 2018. They generally have the best ratings and best reviews on the CIQ store. Winners will be announced today at the CIQ Developer’s Summit by Garmin.

My personal favourites are: FinalSurge and the Xert Player.

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Garmin CIQ Awards – Results

Best New Watch Face

This award is for the best watch face launched in 2018.


The developer says, “A crystal clear watch face, with LCD-like goal meter segments, written while snow crystals were falling during an unusually cold spell of weather here in England.

Edit: Most click from this page so far have gone to CRYSTAL ! Although it is first in the list.

Half Time


The developer says, “A little experimental watch face. You can see a zoomed view of an analog clock. The largest circle shows a daylight and dawn (you need to start an activity to get a GPS position). The small circle shows a daily steps count and a current heart rate. Three data fields on the side are configurable in settings.

Magic Dust


The developer says, “This watch face is all about readability and provide the every day activity tracking info. Very large fonts for all kind of information makes it easy to read.

Best Wearable Smart App

This award goes to the best implementation of a “real world” (non-fitness) uses.

Barcode Wallet

The developer says, “Store up to 16 barcodes and display them as widget. Very useful for store customer cards. Unlike other apps Barcode Wallet doesn’t need any internet connection. All your codes are synchronized via Garmin app settings.

Edit: Second most clicks have gone to BARCODE WALLET.




The developer says, “A Pomodoro timer app for all Garmin devices! Use the Pomodoro technique ( to increase your productivity.



Your QR


The developer says, “ツ Probably the geekiest way to share your contact information ツ This widget generates a QR that encodes your vCard. It requires internet connection to load the image (and, obviously, your watch must be connected to your phone via Bluetooth).


Best Edge App



The developer says, “Configurable data field. (





The developer says, “Trailforks is the worlds largest mountain biking trail map. The Trailforks Garmin app is your companion to the Trailforks website and phone app, for loading routes to your device and giving you route recommendations.




XERT Workout Player

The developer says, “The Xert Workout Player plays Xert’s unique Smart Workouts. Using Garmin Connect Mobile, the Xert Player logs in to Xert Online (, obtains your latest Fitness Signature, downloads your selected workout, configures the exact workout interval intensities and durations specific to you and then plays the workout using your power meter and/or smart trainer. With your smart trainer, it will do trainer control. If you have both a power meter and smart trainer, it will do powermatch and trainer calibration on-the-fly. Playing Smart Intervals, it will auto-adjust interval power and duration, reducing/increasing intensity and slowing/accelerating the timer depending on how an interval is executed in real-time. Easily adjust target power or trainer resistance with swipes / up-down clicks. It will learn your cadence preferences and provide indication of when you’re pedaling too fast or too slow. The app also sends telemetry back to Xert Online so you can view your data online via the Xert Remote Player ( and follow your workout progress.

Best Training Plan App

This award goes to the best integration with a training platform.

Final Surge


The developer says, “ is the online training log for athletes, coaches, teams and clubs. Use the Final Surge Connect IQ app in conjunction with the Final Surge Workout Builder to create Run, Bike and Swim workouts to download and launch on your Garmin watch or cycling computer. This app allows you to choose how many days of planned workouts you’d like to download and store on your device. Download up to 5 days of planned workouts at one time. The Today’s Workout feature allows to you to view and start your workout for today, or, you can browse any of your future or past workouts that you have downloaded from Final Surge.

If you have a coach or are self-coached, use the new Final Surge workout builder to create workouts based off absolute values, defined zones, percentages of FTP, rFTPw, threshold pace, and percentages of maximum and threshold heart rate. Once you have completed the workout, sync the results to your Final Surge training log where you can then analyze the data and communicate with your coach through our web platform or iOS and Android mobile apps.

To learn more, visit



The developer says, “TrainAsONE uses your running data to provide a personalised training calendar

Whether following the plan, running with friends, or taking a few days off, TrainAsONE constantly adjusts your plan, maximising performance gain and minimising injury

Personal, flexible, adaptable and unique. TrainAsONE trains on your terms, guiding you every step of the way to amazing results. for more details.




The developer says, “There is nothing more satisfying than a workout that has been performed to perfection. With the TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app, you can complete your daily structured workouts right on your compatible Garmin device. Load compatible workouts built using the TrainingPeaks Workout Builder and complete them in real-time through your device, using Heart Rate, Power, or Pace targets.


Developer of the Year



30 apps ! Nice. Someone has been very busy.



53 ! Apps. Someone needs to put their running shoes on.


“Only” 4 apps but are they quality rather than quantity?

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