Garmin 830 – First Photos & Manual – Garmin CHARGE confirmed

Edit: The Garmin Edge 830 is now announced and full info is linked to immediately below


Garmin Edge 830 Specifications, Comparison to 530, 820, 1030 and Opinion

Here we have some fairly complete information on the upcoming Garmin Edge 830.

As reported earlier via Appelmoessite (see linked comments), the 830 looks, overall, like a sensible refinement to the Edge 820 with a subtle change in proportions as well as slightly larger overall dimensions in a more rounded form.

Of specific interest to me is the Garmin Charge battery compatibility which is an awesome hardware feature for those super-long navigation rides where the inbuilt battery probably just won’t hit the spot. Although the manual, below, suggests that inbuilt battery life may have improved up to 15 hours.

We also have the FULL Garmin Edge 830 User Manual. I’ve only had time to glance through it but there doesn’t seem to be too much in there that is different and it doesn’t even mention the dual ANT+/BLE sensor connectivity.


This looks like neither a revolution nor evolution. The 820 was a near complete device when it came to functionality in the size format on offer. The problem is/was that it is underpowered with a temperamental touchscreen and slow routing. Just expect it to work a bit more smoothly.

We may also see an increase in battery life from the addition of the Sony GNSS chip which is starting to become more widely used because of its los power consumption

Images & Manual: FCC via Joe, that link also shows INTERNAL images of the PCBs



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