Polar OH1 and OH1+ get a firmware update

Both the older Polar OH1 and newer Polar OH1+ both have a firmware update.

Older Polar OH1 users should now find that they have Garmin’s ANT+ compatability…#cool.

Similarly you should be able to get ANT+ on your Polar H10 via the FLOW app or, soon, via the BEAT app.

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6 thoughts on “Polar OH1 and OH1+ get a firmware update

  1. Heya, is there any battery improvement either on watch or Polar OH1 when using ANT+?

    1. there are battery management improvements which i think are in the new firmware but which are in the new oh1+ (ie could be hardware)
      does ant+ or BLE offer best power consumption on the oh1: don’t know. if you have both on it will be slightly worse but i would guess both are similar when individually enabled.

  2. The new firmware for OH1 firmware states

    “ANT+ HR transmission
    Polar SDK support
    Battery life improvements for OH1
    Improved OH1 interoperability with some mobile devices, including Samsung A3 and A5
    Performance improvements and various bug fixes”

    I had complained to Polar support about the battery drain on the OH1 when off issue. I was getting 11.5 hours continuous use, but if I tried to use it on several sessions over 2 weeks, it would struggle to do half that. Despite it being on many forums, seems like Polar had not had that much feedback to that effect. I hope the battery improvement is aimed at that.

    I would be keen to hear feedback on what people’s experiences are of the new firmware and opinion on battery (mine is currently in for assessing if there is a battery issue so I can’t test).

  3. Hi there! I love your reviews.

    I want to know if there is any difference in regard of the ACCURACY between the OH1 and the OH1+.

    I have that doubt because here in Argentina we only have the OH1 (no the plus version). And I dont know if there is any change on inside components and accuracy between them, or if the only difference are meaninless (for example battery and ANT support).

    Thank you in advance! I dont know if there is the right section to ask

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