Polar OH1 and OH1+ get a firmware update

Both the older Polar OH1 and newer Polar OH1+ both have a firmware update.

Older Polar OH1 users should now find that they have Garmin’s ANT+ compatability…#cool.

Similarly you should be able to get ANT+ on your Polar H10 via the FLOW app or, soon, via the BEAT app.

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4 thoughts on “Polar OH1 and OH1+ get a firmware update

    • there are battery management improvements which i think are in the new firmware but which are in the new oh1+ (ie could be hardware)
      does ant+ or BLE offer best power consumption on the oh1: don’t know. if you have both on it will be slightly worse but i would guess both are similar when individually enabled.

  1. The new firmware for OH1 firmware states

    “ANT+ HR transmission
    Polar SDK support
    Battery life improvements for OH1
    Improved OH1 interoperability with some mobile devices, including Samsung A3 and A5
    Performance improvements and various bug fixes”

    I had complained to Polar support about the battery drain on the OH1 when off issue. I was getting 11.5 hours continuous use, but if I tried to use it on several sessions over 2 weeks, it would struggle to do half that. Despite it being on many forums, seems like Polar had not had that much feedback to that effect. I hope the battery improvement is aimed at that.

    I would be keen to hear feedback on what people’s experiences are of the new firmware and opinion on battery (mine is currently in for assessing if there is a battery issue so I can’t test).

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