Garmin Edge 830, Garmin Edge 530 – jump the pre-order queue – USA

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OK it’s a new Garmin, it’s not hit the shelves yet and new Garmin devices don’t usually get direct discounts on them.But if, like me, you want your new toy NOW then I have agreed with powermetercity that all PRE-orders that use the code THE5KRUNNER10 in the notes field of the order, will be shipped from the first batch that powermetercity receive.

So you do NOT get a discount but you do get it quickly.

Powermetercity placed their order on Garmin very promptly and Garmin normally deliver to dealers in the order in which they were received.

Whilst the Garmin Edge 530 is likely to be much more popular than the Edge 830 in terms of numbers of sale, retailers will order accordingly so the scarcity, if any, should be the same between both products.

Here are the links

  1. Garmin Edge 830 (USA) via Code: THE5KRUNNER10
  2. Garmin Edge 530 (USA) via via Code: THE5KRUNNER10

More product info here:

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