Half a million – Thank you…it’s been a blast

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Thank you everyone

I’ve just hit 500,000 page views for the first time ever in a single month.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading the ‘stuff’ as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

‘ Views’ are proper page impressions and the term ‘hits’ is different which, for example, would include technical reads by bots such as Google.

The actual number of unique people that 500,000 page views equates to is somewhat different and, in my case, the stats would probably say over 300,000 but I suspect that the real number of real, unique people would be less than that. IDK.

In terms of how you translate that to making enough money to live off then I reckon you need to be averaging well over 500k/views a month and having several million-view months as well. You also need high engagement levels (comments). That’s a huge leap from where I am now. Whilst sheer numbers might deliver some advertising revenues it’s a small amount we’re talking about (<$3RPM) and there are many other complicating factors. If you are interested in that sort of thing, you might find some light shed here

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