Movescount to Suunto App Migration Update

Suunto product users should already have received notifications about further clarifications to the recently announced closure of the MOVESCOUNT app, as Suunto transition to their Suunto app.


It’s been clear that throughout Q1.2019 Suunto have been significantly beefing up the Suunto app. My experience with it on Android seems to indicate that it’s just a bit smoother and slicker to use. There have also been some enhancements to ROUTES/NAV slipped in as well as some stuff linked to videos (that I’ve not looked at).

But the more pressing concern is that your data will start to transition from the Movescount app to the Suunto app NOW ie May 2019. The newest watches will transition first ie the Suunto9 and Suunto 3 Fitness, followed approximately in descending chronological order of device release dates ie the SPARTAN family would come next and then the AMBITs.

It looks like you CAN keep using the MOVESCOUNT app if you want to…for now. However, it will be de-listed from the app stores by the end of the year. You should still be able to use the app into 2020 provided it is installed. So if you get a new smartphone then I’m not so sure what your options are.

The announcement about the migration between the apps also recognised that Suunto realises that the MOVESCOUNT.COM platform is used by many (me!) and Suunto seems to be keeping the utilisation and usefulness of the web platform ‘under review’…whatever that means. Concerns were raised by legacy Suunto users in January (below) and they were heard by Suunto. Let’s see what pans out.

Whilst we might bemoan the Suunto situation I suspect that, at some point in the next couple of years, Garmin is also going to have to make some pretty drastic changes to the usability of their complex CONNECT platform. We’ll see.


Suunto Confirm The Way Ahead

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3 thoughts on “Movescount to Suunto App Migration Update

  1. I’m happy to see they appear to be taking on board the community concerns around the migration. I’m still quite skeptical about how it will all pan out.

    My Ambit 3 is great and as a trail/mountain runner I’m happy with it, but having to live off a phone app in the future vs. the depth of the Movescount platform does worry me. Do I stick with them until the end of the road, do I jump ships (Garmin 945?), do I wait for a Sunnto 9++ (or something else).

    Too much uncertainty must be impacting their sales/customer confidence/brand in one way or another.

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