NEW Polar Vantage V TITAN

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Polar have just announced the Polar Vantage V Titan.

It is NOT a major announcement and the Vantage V TITAN is just like the V but with PREMIUM MATERIALS. That’s a TITANIUM case which makes the TITAN super-light…oh, and a new two coloured strap that has a textile feel but which is made of silicone.


Edit: 59g reduced from 66g …not much. Titanium is cool tho

That’s all folks, no improvement to the existing Gorilla Glass (edit: Gorilla Glass 3) but let’s hope there are new devices to come from Polar as the year progresses.

You can buy here with 10% off using the code: THE5KRUNNER10

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18 thoughts on “NEW Polar Vantage V TITAN

  1. You mentioned perhaps a hardware change to the Precision Prime sensors in Titan OR a coming FW update that tinkers with OHR on all Vantages. Any more details on this? Thanks.

  2. Very beautiful. But I’m still reading comments of users who complain that it’s not possible to use instant pace of a footpod without disabling auto calibration of gps…

        1. You´re right. He was being ironic in joking that soon a SUPER-PREMIUM Sapphire ed will supercede this old Titan ^^. Both Vantage V and VV Titan have Gorilla glass though. Cheers!

  3. “That’s all folks, no Gorilla glass”

    …but both Vantage V and Vantage V Titan most certainly has Gorilla glass. What it doesn´t have in either edition is sapphire glass.

    On another note, can titanium casing influence GPS satellite reception differently than steel? Better…worse?

      1. I´m usually really good at finding medical, nutritional (my occupation) and health-related data online but I don’t seem to have the engineering jargon to find an answer to this. Steel is worse than polymers but I couldn´t find anything on titanium and frankly, the texts were so incredibly boring to plough through. Master thesis on “Shielding and variable signal reception in micro-“…Zzzzzzorry but no lol. Hopefully, some researcher or someone in the wearable- or mobile business with know-how reading this can help us out.

        1. yeah it’s one of those ‘obvious’ things that will inevitably turn out to be precisely the oppsite of what is ‘obvious’ #experts. as others will say tho, it’s just one part in the overall design

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