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wiggle logoWiggle’s mid-season is on for those of you in the EU. The links below are specifically for the UK but you can change the country flag at the top of the Wiggle page and off you go.

I seem to have somehow tied myself up with Wiggle with the launch of the new Forerunners/Edges which are linked below (not on sale but the new customer discount works). However some of the other sale items are well priced. There are several £50 running shoes and one other thing that stood out was a pair of Conti GP4000 tyres for £50 which is a bit of a bargain (GP5000 is the latest model). There are also some decent Garmin discounts in there for the older models, especially the ones being replaced by the new Edge and Forerunners…funnily enough.

Note: The Forerunner 945 is EXCLUSIVE with Wiggle in the UK. No-one else has stock yet and won’t for a while even though they are taking pre-orders. Just sayin’…there could be a 4-6 wait for some of you. The 945 IS SHIPPING FROM WIGGLE TO CUSTOMERS ALREADY…some have received them

Forerunner 245 / 245M are also already shipping from Wiggle as well as other UK retailers.


Mid-Season Run Sale- Up to 45% Off

Big Brand Offers- Save up to 70%

Up to 45% Off Speedo Swimwear and Equipment

Garmin New Launches:

Garmin Edge 830 GPS Cycling Computer- £349.99 ** Pre Order**

Garmin Edge 530 GPS cycling Computer- £259.99 ** Available

Garmin Forerunner 945 Multisport GPS Watch- £519.99 ** Available Now**

Garmin forerunner 245 Music GPS Running Watch- £299.99 ** Available Now**

Garmin Forerunner 245 GPS Running Watch- £249.99 ** Available Now**

Garmin Forerunner 45 GPS Running Watch- £169.99

Very Competitive on Prices on the products below:

Continental GatorSkin road Wire Bead Tyre- Save 19%

Alpinestars Womens Stella F-Lite Gloves- Save 50%

Continental Grand Prix 4000S ll Folding Road Tyre- Save 53%

Thomson Elite X4 Oversized MTB Steam- Save up to 52%

Shimano Ultegra 6800 Rear Derailleur- Save 49%

Other Offers:

Save up to 50% on Clearance

New Customer Voucher continues
Save £10 when you spend £50
Use Code: NEWGB (NEWDE works and I guess NEWFR and NEWES, etc might also work)

Purchases at Wiggle in the UK help this blog. Those for Wiggle in the EU do not. Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “Wiggle – Up To 45% off

    1. sounds cool
      i know others who have paid more than that
      others have paid less if they we gold customers, tho i think that loophole has now been closed.

      but hey…it’s shipping
      My understanding is that Wiggle have HUNDREDS of them now…just sayin’
      there’s lots of other people elsewhere who are not happy campers.

    1. f5 is an obvious offload (vs f5+)
      the 645 is more interesting as that’s clearly a current product. perhaps the vendor has excess stock and see the 245m as being too close?

      1. For sure, going by that offer the 645M is slightly less than the 245M if Google isn’t lying to me about the exchange rate.

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