Edge 530 + Forerunner 945 Shipping – Possible 10% to 17% Discount With Platinum (Wiggle UK)

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Wiggle (UK) have been shipping the Edge 530 for a couple of days and it’s in stock with the 830 available imminently on pre-order. There is stock of the Forerunner 245 and Forerunner 945 waiting to go as well.

If you regularly buy stuff then Wiggle probably has the best loyalty scheme in the UK (not sure what it’s like in Europe) with discounts of up to 17% on selected in-stock products for platinum and up to 10% for Gold customers TODAY. Discounts fall back to 10% and 5% respectively tomorrow.

So if you bought a Forerunner 945 you could get 17% off but you could NOT get the same discount on the Edge 830 (yet).

EDIT: I say the word COULD as it seems that the discounts might not be showing any more and/or might not show to certain people. If you are an eligible Gold/Platinum level customer AND IF you are logged in then you should see the discount next to the product details BEFORE you put an item in your basket ie like this



Those discounts on Garmin are not showing for me as of 9May – anyway, bear that in mind for the future

New customers get a signing up discount by using the CODE NEWGB, NEWDE, NEWFR, etc. depending on your location.

Note: Wiggle are Garmin’s preferred, supplier of the 945 and gets the vast majority of the early UK stock, that’s partly why there are stories of lots of disappointment elsewhere…just sayin’. Oh and Wiggle’s discounts are probably also potentially better than the ‘elsewhere’ places.

Ended now…sorry


Details of Wiggle PLATINUM and GOLD discount scheme is here. Buying from Wiggle supports this site, thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Edge 530 + Forerunner 945 Shipping – Possible 10% to 17% Discount With Platinum (Wiggle UK)

    1. Garmin are excluded from discounts on Wiggle, it’s been like that for a few months now:

      Cube bikes, Wahoo, Garmin, Nukeproof, Wiggle Gift Vouchers and all Turbo Trainers including: Bkool, CycleOps, Elite, JetBlack, Kinetic, Lifeline, Minoura, Tacx, Wahoo are excluded from this promotion.

      1. some platinum members DID get the 17% discount on the 945 and discounts ARE availabel for new customers.
        Thanks for the heads up though, I will edit and add a note of caution while I check with my contact at Wiggle (takes a while to get info back)

  1. Also told by Wiggle that Garmin is excluded. I’m a gold customer and discount didn’t show so I asked them and they directed me to their exclusions page.

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