Two Reviews this week hopefully

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I like this image, it’s not a clue

There are two sports watch reviews to come this week (hopefully).

I’m pretty sure that one watch is the same as a review that DCR will release at the same time. And I’m pretty sure that the other one won’t be covered by him – not a Garmin and not an announcement ie already released, so it’s not ‘news’ as such.

Any guesses on either?

C’mon folks, play the game. Don’t be shy,..

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Mobvoi TicWatch S2 Review – Sporty WearOS

Coros VERTIX Review – New Premium Adventure GPS Watch

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Hmm, you alluded to something interesting coming from Coros last week. So maybe you were just lazy. Failing that, maybe you did some runs to have more than a specsheet and actually write the review? Who knows…


New suunto watch! Mark my word

Guillermo Guerini

Maybe the now mythical Wahoo tri-watch?


new polar android watch?


One of the expected watches is the Suunto 5, but according to gpsrumors, that watch is not expected this month so for me, if one of those two is not the 5 then is something unexpected. I know that the Wahoo Rival was another… but delayed till who knows… as its fcc is already dismissed… So no idea. One is the Coros, the other one a mistery. Instead of guesses, perhaps, unprobably hopes. It’d be amazing watch a new serious WearOS sport watch. But the Google executives were using Fossil watches at Google I/O, so imagine… Now WearOS watches seems more centered in fashion looks, and with crap sensors and crap chips. The SD3100 is and old 28nm junk with a battery standby patch that extends the battery life in watch mode. And about Coros, well, to watch if they finally have improved their training software, metrics and the oHR precision. They have a good quality materials and value for the money. Good looking too. Hope that their new front bezel/case doesn’t have screws… with the back and straps being a fenix 5x plus clone is enough! hehe A front like the Apex or Marq will be a lot better.… Read more »


One of the things i’d like in the future in the sport watches is bigger displays with smaller bezels. And, of course, more efficient SoCs plus the use of the new solid state batteries… So they can justify by hardware value of the most expensive models. Above certain price, the software can’t compensate how much they ask. Having the same display size in a Marq or Fenix 5X Plus than in a 245… for example, and taking into the account the type of watches we are referring.


The first one is Coros Vertix:

Tyler Stromberg

Coros is pushing firmware updates like crazy so my guess is Vertix.

Second guess is Suunto if only for the foundation type update applied last few weeks. Changed some GPS setting terminology and beta leaks have seen some fitness related data in the app for non S3 variants.


And the second one could be a WearOS based Ticwatch from Mobvoi 🙂

Alex Will

Coros Vertix and Suunto 5/7?

John Marshall

Have you changed the style of your site lately? Maybe it’s time for a new pair of eyeglasses, but this light grey text on a white background is extremely hard to read on my computer. Looks to be proper black on white when I check it on my phone.


Amazon UK already leaked the Coros Vertix 🙂


I have searched for “coros” as I was aiming for an apex that is currently not available in Germany… So it displayed the new one with no apex visible… 🙂


Interestingly, OnePlus is releasing their new phone today, and are also teasing a new accessory. hmm…