Garmin Coach – new race distances and harder plans added

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Garmin coach was introduced almost a year ago relatively quietly. Even at its launch it offered tantalisingly ‘adaptive’ training plans. Potentially it would re-schedule workouts during your ever-changing week at work and maybe even adapt an individual workout on-the-fly should your run start off either too fast or too slow.

I had a look at the time and partly followed one of the plans to check the sanity fo the recommendations and to see that if it really did adapt to what I was doing…or not doing.

Garmin Coach – Any Good ? Free Adaptive 5K Running Plan

The initial plans on offer seemed somewhat limited, only covering 5k training plans for people performing up to 25:00/5k. I wasn’t all that convinced that the plans were truly adapting either. Clearly, Garmin was never only going to only keep that level of plan and I expected to see over time a gradual increase in race distances covered and ability levels catered for, perhaps even including a triathlon plan or two.

Well that has started to happen (29 April) and here are the headline changes showing the scope of all plans covered

You can access them online through your CONNECT account and they appear to be free. Enjoy ! although having said that perhaps only the GARMIN COACH plans might appear on CONENCT MOBILE

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One of the great benefits of following these types of plans is that the structured workouts are sent to your watch or bike computer with sufficient instructions to follow the plan through calendar scheduling on your watch and in-workout cues and alerts.

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