Humon now supports Apple’s WatchOS 5

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Interesting news from Humon whose Hex Muscle Oxygen sensor now supports Watch OS5 from Apple


Some of you will perhaps also remember that STRYD is now supported on Watch OS.

In one sense this is not that interesting as I’m guessing it will initially only result in a relatively small number of sales. However, I think this is one more event foretelling that the SMART watch platforms (Apple, WearOS, Samsung…maybe Fitbit) is where the future battleground could lie for sports gadget fans. We’re still talking several years away of course.

More Info:

Humon Hex Review ⬢ Muscle Oxygen Use-Case Scenarios


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The tricky part is if you want to use more than one specialist sensor. If there’s a Connect IQ data field, Garmins will be good for two. If you need a specific app, you’ll be limited to picking one unless there’s native support.


Exactly that, yes. It’d be good to see native power support on either Garmin or Apple. Conceptually, Connect IQ data fields have to be the best customisation feature anybody’s offering at the moment. Shame Suunto went backwards on that after the Ambit 3, really. .