Favero ASSIOMA Review – Longterm Report

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Favero ASSIOMA Review – Longterm Report

My original Favero Assioma Review was from August 2017. Over 3 years on they are still going strong. They are like any other standard sensor, in the sense that you just forget about them when you are using them. They always work and your only concern is that you wish the power numbers shown your Wahoo ELEMNT/Garmin EDGE were higher.

There’s lots of positive points and a few negative points included below, and I really had to think hard to find some negatives. The VERY detailed review is linked to, below, if you have half an hour to spare for a good read about every last detail.

You could probably save £100 by buying something else but I just can’t understand why many people would need a fixed, crank-based solution when you can have versatile and accurate power meter pedals like these. Why would you want to buy some marginally prettier Garmin Vector 3 units? Garmin has probably just about sorted out all the early teething troubles now with the Vector 3, haven’t they? Maybe. Perhaps @ $1000 hey ought to have done but…

My Favero ASSIOMAs were probably the first pair ever in the UK. #NoTeethingTroubles. Go figure. Great Design. Great Build. Many thousands of miles.

Check Current Pricing at several local retailers: link

Full and Detailed LONG Review: link

Favero discourages discounting. In Europe, the link above will take you through to the best current prices at Wiggle (UK), Power Meter City (USA) and a choice of other options as I find them.

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