WHOOP Strap 3.0 – a new WHOOP

The WHOOP Strap has been updated to v3.0. It looks similar but there are new straps and new changes to the WHOOP platform too.

A Look-Back

WHOOP was a proprietary wrist-based HR (resting HRV) sensor linking to only their iOS/Android app and online platform. It is sold as a conveniently worn strap that’s suited for 24×7 wearing, including sport. WHOOP looks to measure and assess your strain (exercise/stress), sleep, recovery and hence your readiness to train optimally.

Interestingly WHOOP changed their sales model in 2018 to that of a monthly subscription ($30) which is a similar amount to the effective cost of owning and replacing a high-end sports watch every 2 years but with the added, effective security of a permanent warranty. Some members/subscribers will have to pay for the WHOOP Live upgrade.

whoop review

WHOOP with optional Hydro Band

WHOOP v3.0 – Looking Forwards

The sensor firmware and platform have been changed and improved in a few notable ways. .

Firstly the battery life has been significantly increased to 5 days and existing WHOOP users will likely find that reason enough to take the upgrade.

Secondly, WHOOP is now BLE-compatible. This means that it broadcasts your HR for you to OPTIONALLY record on another app or gym machine, rowing machine, treadmill or bike computer – even your Garmin wrist watch (on the other wrist). I know some people asked me if the previous version could do that, so there are DEFINITELY some of you out there who want to integrate WHOOP into your sporting gadget infrastructure. That will handily help me verify the accuracy of the new sensor setup.

Thirdly there are also new colours and bands which help sweat wicking and slip avoidance.

So those are the changes to the strap. There are also app and platform changes announced at the same time which include 2 main features

  • Strain Coach – Real-time workout feedback to tell you to push harder or pull back a little and when you’ve achieved your workout target.
  • SNAP+ – You can overlay real-time WHOOP data onto videos or photos, no doubt handy for social media influencers πŸ˜‰

All said, it’s a nice, practical upgrade.

FYI: The hardware of the optical HR unit on the strap is UNchanged but what HAS changed is the ability of the HR calculations to be made on the wrist…previosuly on v2.0 these calculations were performed on the web and then sent back down to the app after processing

WHOOP Strap 3.0 – Availability and Discount


It’s available now with USA and EU fulfilment, so no unexpected import duties.

Check your upgrade status: whoop.com/upgrade

US$30/month, minimum 6 months that’s $180, less the US$30 WHOOP promo code from here

Fulfilment is from the EU and the USA. Buyers in the EU do not pay any import duties but do pay normal local taxes (VAT).

The code THE5KRUNNER10, on the WHOOP site, gets a $30 discount and that also helps to support this blog (For the EU: use THE5KRUNNER10EU ) thank you!

WHOOP Review – WHOOP Bicep Band: v 3.0 info πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί







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9 thoughts on “WHOOP Strap 3.0 – a new WHOOP

  1. In your opinion is this significantly better than firstbeats body battery? Reading between the blurry lines there is convergence in what is trying to be achieved. I’m happy with my vivosmart 4, it only comes off to be charged when I’m exercising with my 645, thanks to Garmin’s true-up and behind the scenes analysis, body battery does register a thumping when I put the vivosmart 4 back on post workout and sync.

  2. I am very excited for this! Loved the idea of Whoop but strongly disliked the short battery life and inability to broadcast heart rate to my watch or bike computer! Super excited for this upgrade!

  3. Looking for some advice on this. I want to replace my Fitbit charge 2 with something that gives me more info. Torn between going with the whoop or new polar ignite. Any advice would be great

    • for sure whoop will give you more actionable athletic-type info that is actionable. Fit bit has way more data…just not sure how much of it is useful to you.
      Ignite is an interesting alternative and i might yet write a specific piece comparing the two. I’d say that the ignite is a more rounded athletic tool when combined with the FLOW app/platform; whoop hits a couple of things (strain/readiness) but does it fairly well

      thank you for the support. https://geni.us/PolarIgnite

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