STRYD (Training Peaks) and BioStrap News

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STRYD is just about to announce the support for STRUCTURED RUN workouts FROM TRAINING PEAKS.

You should also be able to import any old structured workouts into that format in Training Peaks or create new running power workouts from scratch. If you set the workouts up properly then you will benefit from these key workout execution features:

  • Personalisation to your current CP/FTP level
  • Haptic and audio alerts in line with out-of-zone events
  • Interval alerts at the end of each interval

Stryd’s 5K to Marathon training plans from the PowerCenter are now also available on TrainingPeaks for free. We like freebies.

STRYD Review 2020 πŸ₯‡ STRYD Bible | Running Power Meter Footpod, Detailed


BioStrap have also just announced their new online platform which is targetted at mirroring their app.


Here’s the review from a few months back if you are interested in a ‘proper’ activity tracker.

Biostrap Review – DEEP / PROPER Activity Tracker



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i can’t find any Stryd PowerCenter Plans in Training Peaks, they have a special name to search?


seems, they are not updated yet, anyway thx for the link, i am thinking to buy STRYD in the next 2 month, hope there will come new ones for both legs ΒΆ:-)~


To find them, navigate to partner landing page with Stryd, below: