Polar hook up with Final Surge

I hope we shall hear more from Polar and Final Surge as the year progresses but, for today, Polar and Final Surge have announced a simple link-up where your completed Polar Trainings are piped through to the Final Surge coaching and analysis platform

Existing Polar users can set up their account to link to their Final Surge here and as shown below


Final Surge’s business model is to make revenues from the sale of TRAINING PLANS, so all the other stuff is free.


Final Surge – CIQ Plans and *NEW* Structured Workouts

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4 thoughts on “Polar hook up with Final Surge

  1. That’s good news .. as a first step. As it looks now, the data will go from Polar to Final Surge, but you won’t get the benefit of syncing the planned workouts (especially structured workouts) from Final Surge to Polar, right?
    Because if that would happen, Polar would match Garmin when looking at the flexibility to manage your training with proper API.
    I know I’d really want to see this happening..

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