STRYD Supported on WearOS and through to Final Surge.

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The unusually named Sporty Go! app from qooapps is now ready to go for any STRYD users out there who are keen to use a WearOS watch as their sporting weapon of choice. Also announced today is the linking of Sporty Go! with Final Surge to upload your workouts.

I have tried to find the time to work through all this with some on-device testing but I’ve just not had the time and news can’t wait. Sorry! (See comments from tester, @AMIT, below)


So there’s a couple of interesting points here.

STRYD have been keen to support Sporty Go! following on from their own internal foray into gaining support from the Apple Watch. There is probably a decent amount of interest from the Apple world for STRYD and getting a STRYD app in place now can only be a good thing to take advantage of the new version of WatchOS and, of course, the new Apple Watch 5 in September which will likely have yet more sporting features than already announced to date as it continues to become an ever-more competent sports device.

Wear OS is an interesting platform. I quite like it in some ways yet I can’t see it being too fertile a hunting ground for STRYD sales – I could be wrong, but I suspect that was one reason why STRYD were keen to help Sporty Go!, rather than developing the app themselves! Plus, Stefan (@Sporty Go) has already shown some great tricks with enabling watch faces for sports on the Samsung platform, so it was clear from the start that he was more than up to the task at hand.

From what I saw of the beta app (alpha?) a while back it was heading in the right direction and it looks from the screen shots of the released version that it’s going to be a sensibly-designed and relatively spartan app. Stefan seems also to have ticked some of the more sensible boxes by linking to STRAVA, Training Peaks and, today, as announced by linking to Final Surge.

I’m getting to the interesting bit 😉

That’s all relatively straightforward for a new app, I guess. But the interesting bit is that in the next couple of weeks it will be possible to create complex structured workouts in Final Surge and execute them on Sporty Go WITH STRYD’s power. It has been possible to create the same structured workouts and pipe them back to GARMIN devices but there it’s the lack of native power that means that the power alerts/zones don’t get used.




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I have been using this for a few months now through development, resulting in my Suunto watch gathering dust! It’s a really good app and there are some really good customisable features like being able to set the hard press buttons (and actually each button will do different actions on short press, long press and double press). For Stryd users, it will also report live form power, LSS, vertical oscillation and ground contact time. Fields on the 6-field user screen are customisable as well for those wondering. It also has laps and some speech capability (an experimental feature for now) Yes, the interesting bit (structured workouts) as you put it, would be the icing on the cake. I know it is in development and Stefan is a bit of a wizard with this all so I have my fingers crossed that it develops well, but some great early steps have been made. For me as a runner, it is really great – especially as the GPS on the watch is actually quite good and often I do have my phone on me so it uses my phone’s GPS which is even better. It also covers cycling etc. P.S. the picture… Read more »


No problems, I can see the pic has been updated!

Excited to hear your feedback once you’ve had a chance to use it more. I find it really straightforward and easy to use on the watch, whilst having all the settings easily accessible and changed. Actually doing this on the watch is a pleasure compared to my Suunto where the touchscreen isn’t as good and otherwise you are using buttons and I’m someone who has always previously been in the you-don’t-need-a-touch-screen-on-a-sports-watch-camp!