New Garmin Footpod / RD-POD ?

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It looks like Garmin’s new running pod ior RD-POD s close to hitting the market and here are the first images. It *could* be a running pod.


Here are a quick 15 minutes worth of thoughts:

You can see from the images that the retention mechanism is similar to the old Garmin footpod and rd-pod, so it will fit nicely into a new style cradle to go on your laces. I’ve not seen the new cradle.

The pod looks to be on/off button-controlled with an LED on top to indicate the power state. And yes it does look as sexy in a kinda-sleek, footpod way.

From the FCC, the size is a CR2045, which is physically bigger (thicker) and more powerful than a HRM coin-cell battery cr2032/2025. So this pod either eats battery juice or lasts for a long, long time.

It definitely sends a BLE signal according to the FCC specs and you would assume ANT+ as well. ie Polar and Suunto users may also be happy.

The only remaining questions are

  1. Will it also transmit power? It looks like it might NOT as I do NOT see any kind of barometer hole on it, although Garmin would probably get that BARO info from onboard sensors in their higher-end watches and the power algorithms would need that to properly calculate ‘power’. Thus this pod might only be a power meter for the more expensive GARMIN watches and just a simple footpod for speed/cadence/distance for cheaper ANT+ watches and other BLE watches/apps (eg forerunner 235, Polar Vantage, Suunto odd-number)
  2. How accurate? I’m guessing that this will be greatly improved over the current footpod with a totally new sensor package onboard. I’m also guessing that the accuracy will translate across a variety of PACEs, unlike the earlier Garmin footpod/rd-pod model. I’m further guessing that there will be a manual calibration option that works from day 1.
  3. How long will the battery life be? Again…better than before!
  4. Could there be some sort of dual-foot setup for running gait asymmetries? It’s possible but I doubt it.
  5. Foot? Are you sure it’s not a new RD-POD? I’m NOT sure about that but my money is on a footpod or pod that will properly support either location.
  6. When? Very soon. I’d imagine availability in a couple of weeks after an imminent announcement. (Edit: Sorry still waiting. See point 8)
  7. How much? don’t know! Notably less than GBP/$/Eu100. Probably 60/70 ish at launch.
  8. Is it for sure a new Garmin footpod. A: No

So. I’m glad I’ve cleared allthose up. Hmmm.

Here is an image of the existing RD-POD for comparison.

Current RD-POD

And a Garmin footpod

Biostrap Footpod compared to Garmin equivalent

Will STRYD be worried?

My guess is ‘NO’. And that this product may just fill up the market for an improved-accuracy, yet basically-functioned foot pod ie the space that STRYD LIVE vacated last year but at a lower price point

Even if Garmin does release a new running power product this month then they would probably do that alongside the native integration of running power metrics into the whole of Garmin’s ecosystem, which is a LOT of work. And even if that work were done, it would certainly help STRYD. I don’t think native power integration would happen in the immediate future from what I’ve heard….a few more months maybe or next year for that and hence I don’t think this is a power pod.

First thoughts? I‘m interested. Cyclists won’t be. What do you think/hope?


Source: FCC


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