Forerunner 945 & Vantage Titan – GPS Accuracy Update

Red=Titan, Blue=Vantage, Green=945

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I’ve been generally ‘satisfied’ with the recent GPS performance of the Garmin Forerunner 945 and with the Polar Vantage V TITAN.

In particular, the Vantage V TITAN is significantly better than the original Polar Vantage V compared to when I tested it last year. Whether or not this is due to better GPS firmware updates, or if the hardware has been tweaked, I can’t say. But the improvements are fairly clear and in a recent, formal GPS test, the Vantage V Titan scored a very respectable 79%. There are still some ‘moments of GPS madness‘ that are found in nearly all other sports GPS watches too.

The Forerunner 945 has also improved, coming in at 75%, which is to the upper end of what Garmin tend to deliver on the GPS accuracy front eg the Forerunner 245 last tested in at 71% & 69%.

I’ve used GPS-only for the Garmin and ‘Best’ for the Titan which I assume is GPS+GLONASS. I try to use GPS-only where possible as that allows most devices to be compared on a like-for-like basis and also GPS-only seems to be consistent across GPS firmware changes eg I could test GPS+GALILEO with Garmin but by next month there will be a new firmware update and, as we know, ‘new’ doesn’t always mean ‘better’.

GPS Results & Methodology Linked HERE

Here are 3 highlighted sections of the formal test (I base my overall view on normal usage too)…Garmin 945 (Red), Vantage Titan (Green), Ambit 3 RUN (Blue…on a different day)


One further comment to make is that a cursory look at instant running paces still may well show over 15 secs/km inaccuracy at any one time without a footpod. Yet, as always, instant pace is improved and is often usable when there are good GPS reception conditions.

Another thing that I have found is that the newly more stable GPS on the Vantage feeds through into an apparently better PACE figure when using STRYD and autocalibration.

My current dilemma is “Do I use the Vantage for a HIM later this month and risk a bit of inaccuracy or do I go with the 945 and risk it crashing. #DecisionsDecisions. I *HAVE* used the Vantage in a couple of Sportives and in a swim race this year.

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