WKO5 out now. Training Peaks to announce details Monday/Tuesday

Coming soon: http://wko5.com/

wko5 logo wkoTrainingPeaks have just, sort of, released a new version of their analytics package …called WKO5. Full details and links below ahead of tomorrow’s marketing drive.

Of interest are their SMART SEGMENTS (smart LAPS) where you can analyse YOUR performances on segments/laps of YOUR custom routes over time compared to YOU. 

Dynamic Functional Reserve Capacity (dFRC)  looks like it could be a good way to see how well you manage your high intensity training efforts.

WKO5 New Feature Highlights


Native Mode UI
To enhance chart visualization and clarity, WKO5 uses your computer’s operating system’s native color mode.
Key change from WKO4
  • WKO4 used light or dark mode; WKO5 uses your system’s native color scheme
New Performance Dashboard Layouts
WKO5 features a flexible performance dashboard system for better visual presentation of data. New chart formats and flexible sizing allow for both hero bar and KPI focus, and simultaneous cursor tracking across all charts enhances the powerful comparison functions.
Key changes from WKO4
  • No gauge chart in WKO4
  • WKO4 charts all one size; WKO5 allows you to design 
  • WKO4 focused on either charts or hero data; WKO5 allows you to design
  • WKO4 had to use dashboards and/or chart packs separately; WKO5’s enhanced dashboards eliminate the need for chart packs
Improved Screen Space
WKO5 features a larger performance dashboard screen for better visual clarity of charts.
Key change from WKO4
  • WKO4 took up a lot of space with the right-hand and left-hand explorers (RHE and LHE); WKO5 enlarges the dashboard area by eliminating or auto-hiding the LHE and RHE.
Enhanced Training Log Presentation/Calendar  
WKO5 features a new training calendar with compliance metrics. The calendar downloads seamlessly from TrainingPeaks and identifies workout compliance via color coding. WKO Training Log.

Improved Performance 

Enhanced Speed and Responsiveness
Better data compiling and visualization methods improve the speed and responsiveness of WKO5.
Improved Download
WKO5 uses a more streamlined download process with TrainingPeaks, significantly improving transfer speeds.

New Functions   

Enhanced TrainingPeaks Metrics Synchronization
Along with workout files, WKO5 downloads all data and metrics from the TrainingPeaks user accounts. All metadata—such as weight, sleep, HRV, fatigue feeling, and more—are automatically available in WKO5 for analysis. There’s no need to maintain metrics (like weight) separately in TrainingPeaks and WKO
Subjective Metrics Available for Analytics
With its synchronization enhancements, WKO5 allows subjective metrics to be used in analytics. For example, you can compare fatigue and/or sleep quality with actual performance data, such as power and heart rate, to identify patterns of performance.
Multiple Threshold Management 
WKO5 introduces a powerful new system of managing and analysis of multi sport athletes via the use multiple threshold settings. Now multi sport athletes can improve their training and performance analytics through the lens of each sport individual or blended.
New Data Visualization Views
WKO5 introduces views, which are collections of dashboards that focus on the specific analytics you need. From basic to advanced, sport specific to general, or training to performance, WKO5’s built-in views help you get started and unlock the secrets of your training. Can’t find a view that tells you what you want to know? Build your own custom views for the data analytics you need.
New Chart Management and Viewing 
WKO5 has streamlined the process of viewing single and multiple charts via drag-and-drop navigation and automatic enlargement/docking of selected charts.
New Self-Help Registration Assistance
You can now deactivate a damaged or lost computer remotely, eliminating the need to create a support ticket to resolve.


New Features

Smart Segments 
How do you get faster on that local climb? WKO5 introduces new Smart Segments, allowing you to capture data from any segment or lap and compare your performance against your history. Smart Segments help you understand better how to improve your performance.
WKO5 helps surface the actionable insights from your data through its new Insights page. What are your most recent new bests? Are you ready to train today? Answer these questions and more with WKO5 Insights.
New Science Features
Training Impact Score (TIS)
Built on your unique Power-Duration Model, WKO5 introduces Training Impact Scores (TIS). This new system helps coaches and athletes better understand the impact of workouts on their aerobic and anaerobic system by scoring each day’s workout on a scale of 1-10. This system can help track how training affects your unique physiology and response to exercise stimuli.
Dynamic Functional Reserve (dFRC)
The Power-Duration Model gives us a full 360-degree view of an athlete’s unique physiology and fitness. WKO5 takes it one step further with the introduction of Dynamic Functional Reserve Capacity (dFRC). dFRC enables a highly analytical review of workouts or performance by measuring and reporting your anaerobic work capacity during the performance. Did you do the right amount of intervals today? For team time trials, how long should each rider work? Answer those questions and more with dFRC.
Individualized Training Levels (iLevels) for Running
With the introduction of running power meters, WKO5 expands on iLevels for cyclists by introducing iLevels for running. To get the most out of your run training, you need to be targeting the training intensity and time that maximizes your results. iLevels are training targets based on your unique physiology, not just power or heart rate threshold.

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  1. Find the Smart Segments intriguing – I’m a bit bored of paying for Summit with very little feature development from Strava. I don’t bother much with segments on Strava other than comparing to my own previous performances (as I’m not competitive with anyone else :D) – so something focused on that would be more useful to me.
    I also don’t use relive, but find Strava’s approach irritating enough that it would trigger me to look at other options.

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