Polar Vantage V – £220…yep. M £180

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Polar Vantage V M ReviewThe Polar Vantage V is on sale today and tomorrow at Amazon (Prime) for £220…yep that is for the top-end V model.

Amazon UK – here

and it’s a tiny £180 for the Vantage M

Amazon UK – here




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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Even 160€ for the Vantage M on Amazon France.
I guess I’m keeping the Ignite I paid 199€ for though since I don’t fancy doing without the Nightly Recharge until October and without FitSpark…forever 😉
The Ignite would be perfect for my needs (on top of my FR935 I always run with anyway) if it had a MANUAL LAP button…


The Vantage line does have FitSpark to some degree. When you start a running program, say 5k, you get lots of mobility,strenghth, and core sessions scheduled. Those come in an intensity range of 1-3, just like FitSpark, and the guiding videos are even titled FitSpark.
The M isn’t worth €160, for that I’d get a M430 in a heartbeat before an M. The V however is a very nice watch, and I prefer it greatly over my 935, which I stopped using. Not just because of Flow, which imo is the best service out there, but because of the V’s simplicity, build quality, and “wearability”. The 935 is a generic looking sports watch that I wouldn’t wear to my dress shirts. The V totally flys with my required work attire.

Pete M

Polar Vantage M is showing up in the UK as £348.58 + £10 delivery when I click on your link (black), if I click on white and orange I get £275.00.

Pete M

Sorry I meant, Polar Vantage V is showing up in the UK as £348.58 + £10 delivery when I click on your link (black), if I click on white and orange I get £275.00.


It show 275 pounds for me?


It shows 275 pounds for me? and 152 pounds for M


Yeah it seems they increased their deal price by 55 GBP sometime during the day, the black one not being on sale at all any longer. Shame, I was about to pull the trigger on a Vantage V over a Garmin.


I managed to get the V for £220, arrives today so will be interested to see how it compares to the V800.


how much battery life do you get? With the hr tracking on i seem to get 4 days with 1-3 training sessions. Did a 100k ride yesterday and it looks like the battery is at about 60% from fully charged.


OK that’s promising. Still below what they quote 30hrs for the M and 40 for the V.


On French Amazon:

Polar Vantage V bundle with H10 belt for 317 EUR. Still a good deal imho.