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Polar has it already

It looks like Garmin have finally decided to play catch up with the introduction of oHR for swimming with the current beta software for the 945 – Suunto and Polar already support oHR for swimming with the Vantage and spartan/post-spartan models respectively.

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I’m just about to head off for a race weekend so I’ve not checked all the other models’ beta pages (well I checked the 935) so here’s my guess on if/when wrist-oHR will be added.

My base assumption is that it will only roll out to devices with the new ELEVATE sensor and, even then, only to multisport models.

It would not be unreasonable to hope that Garmin would spread this functionality to watches that it classifies as swim watches, ie those here: I can see an argument for Garmin to restrict oHR to pool swim profiles for the other watches at that link but that would probably over-complicate the product features.

  • MARQ Athlete – yes. It’s probably in the beta now
  • Fenix 5 Plus – yes probably
  • Fenix 5 – No
  • Garmin 735XT – no (but it will be in the upcoming 745XT)
  • Vivoactive 3 – possible, I guess, if the tech allows
  • Forerunner 45/245 – nope. Running watches. But tech will allow it
  • Forerunner 645 – possible, I guess, if the tech allows
  • 935 – No but it should be, If the tech allows

Am I excited? If it works well then yes I would be. The Garmin swimming chest strap (HRM-TRI) does very work well but it’s just a bit embarassing to wear in the pool. Then again, I’ve been using the Vantage quite a bit recently (and I am doing for theis weekend’s race along with Wahoo)

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3 thoughts on “New Garmin HR Feature – oHR Swim

  1. This is great for the casual user. Wonder if it will hit sales of the tri bundle ?
    I don’t expect the 935 to get it – I would suggest that the new sensor in the 945 is up to it, but the 935’s isn’t. It also helps differentiate and push upgrades.

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