AYVRI links to STRAVA – and takes over where RELIVE.cc left off for STRAVA users

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I’ve just been playing with the link between Ayvri and STRAVA.

Ayvri is a little like Relive.cc which had it’s linked with STRAVA recently stopped.

So; you link your Ayvri account to your STRAVA account and then get a 3D playback of your ride. Kinda like a helicopter view of your ride with the relative position of the helicopter continually changing. You do get some idea of elevation and there is also an elevation profile of the ride at the bottom of the screen as well as other ride info like your speed at the time.

Here is a snapshot view of me going up Dark Hill in Richmond Park recently. That’s my local ‘hill’…. #Flat !!

Let’s find a better example!

On their site, Ayvri also demonstrates an interesting use of the exact same technology for paragliding. Having recently watching lots of that in Morzine, Fr, then I reckon this is probably an even cooler way of demonstrating this kind of workout for the sport of paragliding than it is for cycling.

Have a look at how it handles the thermals (well I thought it was cool)

Source: Ayvri

On the downside, the ability to overlay personal imagery was better with Relive. I’ll let Pete from Ayvri comment below if he wants to…

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Pete Field

Thanks TFK,
We’ve got big plans ahead for adding photos and lots more. Ayvri is fully interactive, so you can get a better view along different parts of your adventure.

You’re right! Lots of paragliders use Ayvri, as well as Ultramaratons, drone pilots, wild-life researchers, and more. Every day people are find more interesting use cases for our tech

Andrew Chang

Can not connect to Strava. It couldn’t have come at a worst time……