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xert baron biosystems logoIt’s no secret that I like Xert (pronounced EXERT).

In a nutshell, it’s a novel way of looking at what power output you are capable of at any given instant; and that knowledge feeds through into many aspects of training from season planning, to workouts or to segment hunting. It works well in the Garmin CIQ environment for both running and cycling power but has limitations when you are a triathlete using both.

More on the science: link to

Today’s News

I tend to favour the web view of Xert but, today, Xert has announced new functionality for their iOS users

  • New Adaptive Training Program view (See where you are in your training program and how many hours you’ll need to train each week to improve)
  • Update your goals and settings right from the app
  • Review your progress with a new Stats view of your data (Distance, Training Loads, Threshold Power, Calories/Fat/Carbs, etc)
  • Adjust your power data (perhaps for one specific power meter or for indoor usage)


xert baronbiosys baron biosystems cadence optimiser

I mention Xert quite a lot (as its cool) in these links at, where I separately look at their cadence optimiser, their ‘what’s my FTP app’, their adaptive workouts and their segment hunter.

if you want one place, although the info is now a little old, then try Dcrainmaker’s review: link to from 2017.

There is free stuff at Xert, including free & USEFUL stuff as well ! But there is also some paid-for stuff after a free trial. If you sign up there I get nothing from it…just sayin’.





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