Suunto Announce Several New Platform Partners

Suunto opened up their platform a few months ago to their new API and today they announced the addition of several further partners.

This sort of thing is not really news in itself normally but it’s interesting as it demonstrates that there is both a significant interest in the Suunto platform by 3rd parties and that Suunto is just simply becoming more open. Which is a good thing!

I strongly suspect that there will be interesting new announcements later this year from other device manufacturers along a similar vein.

It’s also worth pointing out that STRAVA, TP and ENDOMONDO are part of the Suunto ‘value pack’ for those of you who have just bought a new Suunto. The value pack deal you get seems to be better than the one generally on offer eg you get 60 days free Strava Summit membership rather than the usual partner deal of 30 days.

the eagle-eyed amongst you will have seen that, like Garmin, Suunto partner with RELIVE who recently had their workout visualisation effectively blocked by STRAVA. They deserve some support methinks.

For now here are the current partners (for those of you who are arriving after August 2019 here is an up-to-date list)




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