Garmin Fenix 6 – In Production Now – Amazon Listing – Leaked Info

Garmin Fenix 5S Plus Review
5S Plus

The next generation of Garmin Fenix is in production

Edit: Fenix 6 will be announced in August 2019 or September 2019 at latest.

Edit: Listing removed from Amazon 9th August 2019

The models all sound plausible and are variants on Fēnix® 6, Vívoactive 4, Vivomove 3, MARQ Commander & Instinct Tactical

  • Garmin Fēnix® 6 series:
  • Garmin Fēnix® 6 / 6 Pro
  • Garmin Fēnix® 6s / 6s Pro
  • Garmin Fēnix® 6x Pro / 6x Pro Solar
  • Garmin vívoactive 4 series: 4 & 4S (Amoled?)
  • Garmin Vivomove 3 series: Classic & Sport
  • Garmin MARQ Commander
  • Garmin Instinct Tactical Coyote

The following post SPECULATES about the new hardware and software that MIGHT be in the Fenix 6. However, it is ‘mostly obvious’ what we will see in the Fenix 6 (eg LTE) but perhaps the biggest move MIGHT finally be an improved AMOLED screen.

Source: ahem+ahem, and the Youtube video above

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro – Leaked photos and speculation

Garmin Fenix 6 New Confirmed *Features* – PLUS Updated Specs


Garmin Fenix 6 – view on the future – opinion, including Forerunner 945



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39 thoughts on “Garmin Fenix 6 – In Production Now – Amazon Listing – Leaked Info

  1. Click bate article it’s not in production it’s n prototype and that is a big difference might have to stop reading your articles soon

      1. the phrase used by the source was “in their pilot production now” I have modified the title to exactly reflect that.
        If you want to believe other sources that people have units on their wrists now then go ahead!
        As far as I know this is the first CORRECT leak that confirms a F6 relatively soon. On that basis it’s pretty important I would have thought…obviouly I was wrong in your eyes.

      2. I’m still pressing that other ‘leak’ to prove the watch is currently on wrist. The fact he calls it a pro makes me think it’s marked as a prototype. Garmin has never used a pro/non pro connotation before in production units I believe

    1. what r u talking about.there are about 3 good sources of Garmin leaks and this site is one of them.

  2. The screen is superior on Garmin watches than others I’ve seen for people who actually use them as they were intended. They work clearer in the sun than any I’ve seen. Reviewing it indoors is unfair.

    1. yes the garmin screen is generally ok outdoors to present readable info (kinda what most people want) but the pixel dessity and colours are not pleasant which doesn’t really bother me whilst exercising it just limits the watches for 24×7 usage.

  3. Laughing at this clickbait masquerading as journalism. Rumour, speculation, no sources or references. Can I have that 5 minutes of my life back?

    1. sorry, no refunds on life here.
      journalist???err…I’m just an athlete (allegedly) who writes about gadgets and stuff. take it or leave it. If I published the source there would never be any more info from it. be careful what you wish for.

  4. F5x it was great batter,y but 945 or fenix 5x plus with Ox is very bad battery.
    If fenix 6x will have very bad battery people will not buy, because one of the reason why peple choose fenix is because it WAS good battery

  5. It sounds realistic:

    Garmin Fēnix® 6 series:
    Garmin Fēnix® 6 / 6 Pro
    Garmin Fēnix® 6s / 6s Pro
    Garmin Fēnix® 6x Pro / 6x Pro Solar

    It lacks a normal Garmin Fēnix® 6x and I ask me what Solar means?

      1. I speculate, “Pro” can be a version with the following possibilities:
        – LTE/Verizon connectivity (I hope not !!!)
        – Titanium (other material)
        – Dual frequency GNSS (I hope so !!!)

      2. I’m raising an eyebrow at solar charging. I can imagine it keeping the watch ticking over in standby for longer, but it’s hard to see it doing much to improve battery life with GPS on, which would chew battery much faster than the cells could put it back. Not sure where you’d put the cells, either – between the main bezel and the display as a ring, perhaps?
        6 variants seems an awful lot, too, though the range does sell very well; perhaps the difference is something like LTE and/or the ceramic bezel off the Marq watches.

        If Garmin have gone to the trouble of silencing it, though, there is probably something in it!

      3. Solutions as “Tough Solar” (by Casio) can obtain energy even from low power sources – like simple lamps. What is more – Fenix line is more intented for outdoor type of activitites (so – watch is exposed to daylight), and in case of multi-day activities GPS might be needed for just few hours a day, while the “charging” period might be up to full 24h (depending where and when you are). Maybe trans-reflective screens are enabling putting the panel underneath the whole main screen?
        Anyway – I’m also bit sceptical if solution as such can provide significant benefits when it comes to battery life.

      4. Yes, I have a Citizen analogue quartz watch which runs off a couple of solar cells in the face, and that will run happily indefinitely just on indoor room light, but then it doesn’t need much power. There’s the Matrix Powerwatch which actually has no charging other than solar and thermoelectric, but I think it’ll only do 60-90 minutes of GPS.

        It’d be nice, though, just to be on the start line of an ultra or triathlon, knowing that your watch is charged right up to 100% thanks to a solar cell, if you’d charged it the previous night. And the Sony chip is very light on power usage, so maybe it’s more useful than you’d think at first guess. We shall see!

      5. That’s interesting – they’ve asked folk to take down entire posts of leaked info in the past, IMS. So perhaps the images are genuine, but the naming a bit more off the mark?

      6. no i dont think so.

        People can ask other people to do lots of things, it doesn’t mean there is any legal correctness’ behind the request.

        Not the whole story: The above post WAS linked to the offending YouTube video. When a youtube link is embedded in WordPress then wordpress display a frame (usually the first frame IIRC), in this case that frame contained what garmin claimed to be a copyrighted image (debateable as it will be a commercial PR image in the future). so they requested i removed it because of that. I don’t believe that I had to remove it because of that reason as I was not hosting that image…but I removed it anyway as i was pretty sure they video would be removed at a similar time (it was).

        I specifically avoid posting a leak first and wait until info is in the public domain before so-doing – at that point the info is ‘fair game’

        some of the info on the model names/numbers in the video matches other info I have.

  6. Main thing that Garmin needs to do with the new Fenix series is a smaller form factor (mainly width). Now they have done that with the “s” version to some extent but Garmin needs to do that with all of their Fenix watches.

    1. hi
      yes i agree that such a form factor is ONE of the KEY ways forward with different hardware packages,
      looks like they recognise PRECISELY your point with the vivoactive coming in two size versions rather than the current music vs non-music versions

  7. Bigger Vivoactive version seems interesting to me – current feels too small by my preference. Also bigger screen (1.3 or maybe even 1.4 inches) – would be be welcomed. Change to AMOLED – I’m for it, as I assume that would be a day-to-day watch for me – including some “lighter” sports. Demanding, especially multi-day activities (biking, cayaking, trekking) – Fenix would remain my preference probably.
    But a true upgrade would be switch to WearOS, while having the Garmin app for all activities and fitness tracking (Polar M600 approach). Having WearOS for smartwatch capabilities, with Garmin fitness/sports platform and HW – that would be dream-watch for me. But this probably will not happen.

      1. I wonder how successful was M600 for Polar (and if there will be any successor).
        Sadly, I agree with you that Garmin may not be willing to bet on Wear OS for Vivoactive.
        Still I consider that there is sizable number of people who do prefer Garmin HW and Garmin Connect platform (versus what Google provides) but who think that what Garmin provides for smartwatch “part” of the platform is very rudimentary.
        Even though I’m long time committed Garmin user, including almost entire Fenix line starting F3 – I’m strongly considering moving towards some newest Wear OS watches, e.g. Fossil Gen 5. This will be trade off for suer- I will loose some fitness/sports capabilities, but the gains on “smart” side of watch will be solid. Garmin is giving very little attention to “smart” side – not even willing to enable slightly bigger fonts for people with decreasing eyesight. Sigh.

      2. yes gen5 fossil might be interesting (probably not).
        if garmin go with WearOS for the VA4 it will be a game changer for WearOS. But the game they are playing is currently very profitbale.
        i’m not sure how successful M600 is. I guess a lack of replacement might suggest that it was not as successful as I thought (I still like it and still use it from time to time)

      3. You are right, lack of successor is clear sign that Polar M600 was probably not a huge commercial success. I was actually considering buying it, but watch simply looked ugly to me – and that was key reason I did not purchased it (even though it was competitively priced). Not that I have anything against rectangular screen watches (these makes a lot of sense for smartwatches – Apple proved that) – simply the design did not appealed to me.

    1. yes, James (owner) should receive the call soon as well.

      I’m not entirely sure that the images are real BTW. Garmin are like an info-sieve, maybe they have finally tried to get clever with leaks of disinformation. #ConspiracyTheorist

      1. Just noticed this. I was quite concerned about the legal implications when I saw things were getting taken down. From what I can gather, once it is in the public domain it is fair game. Which is the foundation of a lot of journalism.

        That being said, I am not going to mess with the Garmin legal team, so if they did contact me, I would obey.

      2. @ConspiracyTheorist: unless Garmin is a complete mess – I rather suppose it was controlled leak. IMHO – such “leak” are quite beneficial for companies:
        * build hype for upcoming product – basically free-of-charge advertising
        * makes people who are on the market for new watch to wait with purchase decision (assuming they are considering buying from competition)
        * provides early feedback on external design choices – possibly enabling some last-minute changes to product look&feel.

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